White papers can help educate industry professionals, specific groups or organizations, or the general public. And their counterparts, ebooks, can do the same, yet typically in a more condensed and visual-dominant format. These forms of visual communication can share and summarize diverse types of information. They may show information that is detailed or complex, the result of new research, or a driver of change. So for these reasons, it’s vital to take a strategic approach to the apt writing and beautiful design of each white paper or ebook example you create. In this way, you can ensure a design your audience will love.

Why Beautiful White Paper Designs Matter

Beautiful ebook and white paper graphic designs can make all the difference in how your audience engages with the content. How? Well, if there are walls of text without relevant visuals, a lack of visual hierarchy, or an inconsistent design approach, your audience may not be getting the full value from the experience. But don’t worry. A white paper or ebook design services company can help! This page shares some ebook and white paper design examples to show how design quality makes a difference.

A Nonprofit’s White Paper Annual Report

white paper ebook design example with data visualization yellow and red theme

Like many nonprofit organizations, the Marguerite Casey Foundation shares its important work and data on a regular basis. So an annual report using visual elements akin to white paper designs is a beautiful example of making key information engaging. What’s more, the design features plenty of data visualization throughout and a striking color palette.

A Financial White Paper Series

financial blockchain white paper series with cover page map and chart

The blockchain is a pretty complex financial concept to explain and detail. That’s why discussing it strictly through text could cause your audiences’ eyes to glaze over. Recognizing this, Deloitte sought the production of a series of white papers that could show the concept just as much through visuals as through text. In this way, readers can zoom in for the details in the form of full write-ups or browse the visuals to quickly understand key concepts.

A Report Template for School Grant Funding

Blue and orange data visualization in a white paper report template design

Templatized ebook and white paper design examples are useful for any organization. However, they may be particularly helpful for any organizations on a tight budget. This could include nonprofits, educational institutions, and more. Why? Well, templates allow organizations to produce reports with the same types of data for multiple inputs. In this way, they can just swap out numbers and names as needed. And RGI Corporation sought just that when developing a solution to share the results of their grant programs across different schools.

A Photography Slide Deck eBook

Stacked 3d mockup of slide deck ebook design with camera illustration

Nikon was looking for a visual yet compact way to share wedding photography information and tips. So a highly visual slide deck, doubling as an ebook, was the perfect format for this need. Why? Because the technical illustrations showcase the brand’s camera designs while a sketch style helps communicate staging of various types of photographs.

An eBook Lesson in Visual Strategy

Tablet with iceberg illustration on screen and a blue book with words strategy revenue brand

Preparing a cohesive visual strategy allows you to execute brand content confidently. And that’s because you can map each piece you create back to the goals and visual approach you established upfront. So how do you learn more? This ebook explains the value of a well thought-out visual strategy for producing beautiful and effective designs, from white papers and ebooks to motion graphics and interactive content.

The best white paper and ebook designs can elevate the ways in which your brand shares important content with the world. So don’t let the creative choices for these outputs be an afterthought.