Cover of Visual Language for Marketers ebook

Visual Language for Marketers: 2 Steps to Higher Campaign Engagement

The most effective marketing campaigns incorporate high-quality visual content that’s optimized for their goals and audience. Developing a visual language for your campaign can help you achieve just that — and it can ensure you maintain a consistent look and feel across all your assets.

Why not just follow your brand guidelines for every campaign? Simply put, your brand book can’t anticipate every possible application. Say you’re promoting a new product that’s ideal for only a small segment of your company’s overall target audience. Or imagine you’d like to build a following on just one social-media platform. An approach that follows your brand guidelines without deviation or additions might not be truly optimized.

In this free ebook, our team of expert visual communication designers and marketers at Killer Visual Strategies shares best practices for developing a visual language that will truly convert. No matter whether your visual campaign includes infographics, motion graphics, interactive elements, or other visual content, a well-crafted visual language can help ensure your campaign’s success.

With this free ebook, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to assess what visual content resonates most with your target audience
  • Strategies for industry and competition research
  • Design recommendations for 5 common brand personalities
  • Actionable steps to a visual language that’s goal-oriented and audience-driven

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