Personalizing the Customer Journey eBook

Personalizing the Customer Journey: How to Produce Interactive Content That Makes People Click

One-size-fits-all content won’t work for today’s consumers. While consumers are spending more time engaging with media than ever before, 72% of all consumers only engage when marketing messages are personalized to them. Simply put, this means knowing your audience can make the difference between success and failure. So when you’re looking to personalize the customer journey, know that few types of content are more effective than interactive design.

Interactive infographics, widgets, and quizzes are easily sharable and allow snackable information that truly lets users choose their own path. Microsites can be more robust, allowing for multiple types of interaction and offering the unique opportunity to evoke a departure from your main brand, if the initiative calls for it.

Interactive content keeps people more engaged, and for longer periods of time. It boasts a 70% conversion rate. But how can you make sure to create interactive content that’s truly engaging for your target audience?

With this free ebook about interactive design, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How and when to deploy 4 of the most common types of interactive content
  • How to boost engagement and improve the customer journey using interactive techniques
  • How to ensure your visual content is optimized for your audience and customized for your brand
  • How your goals impact which type of interactive content you should deploy, from interactive infographics to quizzes and beyond

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