Developing a Visual Language for Your Campaign

Visual campaigns build a unified, holistic message through communication strategies tailored to meet your business goals. By developing a visual language for your multimedia campaign before focusing on its individual components, you’ll maintain a consistent look and feel while delivering a meaningful message that speaks to your target audience in the most successful ways.

This ebook walks you through the process of creating and implementing a cohesive visual language to make your campaign stand out. Perhaps you’re looking for a color palette that incorporates your brand guidelines while also taking a fresh direction. Or maybe you’d like to identify an illustration style that’s unique to a particular product or sub-brand. What animation techniques do you feel will truly embody the tone and message you want to achieve? Whatever the case may be, successful visual campaigns need a clearly defined direction.

Learn what questions to ask as you develop the right visual language — including what makes your brand different or distinct from your competitors’. These sorts of questions will help you build a visual identity around your brand if you have not defined one already. Still, any visual language should be campaign-specific, meaning that it will drive a more specific, targeted direction centered around the specific goals of this campaign, which may well be distinct from those of your brand as a whole.

With this free ebook, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • The definition of a visual language
  • How to determine a design style that matches your multimedia campaign’s goals
  • The key elements of documenting design choices to improve efficiency

Not sure where to start? After reading this ebook, explore examples of visual campaigns in our portfolio.

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