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At Killer, we support a wide variety of your conference needs including company trade show exhibit design and vendor management, ideation and creation of all print and digital media, writing and creation of any presentations, and much more. Since 91% of buyers prefer visual content over other formats, conference attendees will be paying attention to how you present your brand visually. Below are some of our favorite projects in the realm of conference collateral.

Motion Graphic: Explaining The Need for Reinsurance with Swiss Re

Slide Deck: Bigger Picture Company Overview

Slide Deck: Bigger Picture Company Overview

Motion Graphic: Find the Founder in You

Campaign: JLL Emerald City

Campaign: JLL Emerald City

Quality Matters: How Choosing the Right Visual Communication Agency Elevated One Brand

"HowVisual Partnership" />

How One Infographic Turned into a Multi-Year
Visual Partnership

Motion Graphic: Seattle Valley

Motion Graphic: Seattle — A History of Innovation

Infographic: Completely Accurate and Informed Guide To Comic-Con

Infographic: Completely Accurate and Informed Guide To Comic-Con

Motion Graphic & Animated Logo: HasOffers Postback

Motion Graphic: Solid Ground 40th Anniversary

Motion Graphic: Adventures of a Startup Kid

Infographic: Penguins of Madagascar

Infographic: Penguins of Madagascar

Motion Graphics: GeekWire Awards Bumpers

Conference Collateral & Speaker Presentation Design F.A.Q.s

In the crowded exhibit halls of a major conference or event, it’s difficult to ensure your brand stands out. With dozens or even hundreds of booth designs competing for attention, the quality of your display materials could spell the difference between drawing in all the right leads and walking away with little to no return on your investment. When your booth, brochures, and conference infographics incorporate visual communication, conference-goers — especially those in your target audience — take notice.

Attending a conference or trade show is a huge investment. You dedicate time, money, and resources in your company to craft a trade show exhibit design; creating highly shareable promotional materials, both digital and in print; and delivering a presentation that converts your audience. Without a well-defined visual strategy, all these efforts may fall short. Let Killer Visual Strategies help make your conference collateral a success.

What types of visual content are useful at a conference or industry event?

As with all content marketing, the sky’s the limit. We work with our clients every day to seek unique, custom solutions to their particular needs and conference-specific goals. That means that, while you’ll see a variety of assets on this page, they represent only a fraction of what Killer Visual Strategies can create for your next event.

That said, we find that some types of conference collateral prove useful to our clients again and again. These solutions might include:

  • Full booth designs
  • Motion graphics for in-booth and online display
  • Augmented reality experiences to include visitors’ interaction with your booth
  • Interactive infographics and interfaces for booth visitors
  • Slide decks and related content, such as visual ebooks to be shared with presentation attendees
  • Brochures and other print materials
  • Custom swag and take-home materials for booth visitors
  • Promotional visual content for social media and blog posts before and during the event

Why do I need a custom presentation design for my next conference?

We’ve all attended a presentation or talk where the slide deck contains way too much text. It’s not only impossible to both listen and read the full slide — it’s frustrating. This makes for a poor experience for attendees, and could leave those potential clients with a negative impression of you or your brand.

Conferences provide enormous opportunities to establish your thought leadership and build brand recognition. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by, just because your slide deck wasn’t up to par.

Attendees are looking for as little text as possible — after all, what you’re saying is quite enough text. Instead, they want highly visual conference collateral that supplements what you’re talking about. Data visualizations, motion graphics, photographs, conference infographics — all of these can bring your presentation to life, and keep them fully engaged on an auditory and visual level.

You might also want to leave your audience with additional materials, such as an ebook with more information about your topic. Make sure that ebook — which you’ll link at the end of your talk — is as visual as possible, too. Once you’ve set the bar high with your custom-designed presentation, they’ll be expecting the same quality.

Should all our conference collateral be designed according to our company brand book?

In most cases, the answer here is yes. As we’ve already pointed out, conferences offer brands a wonderful opportunity to increase brand recognition. Ensuring that all the visual content you create around the event — including promotional materials leading up to it — will help make your brand visually recognizable.

But most importantly, all the assets you create should have a consistent look and feel. If someone who’s watched you on stage can’t instantly recognize your booth so they can check it out and learn more, your presentation hasn’t done much good for your overall conference strategy.


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