Why Your Company Needs an Animated Explainer Video

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Do you struggle to communicate the value of your business to potential customers? Is the process of using your product or service difficult to grasp at first? Perhaps your offerings are distinct from everything else on the market, but you’re still searching for a clear way to share those differences. Well, these are just some of the many great use cases for creating a live-action or animated explainer video for your company. 

If you’re wondering what an explainer video is, or simply how to choose live-action, animation, or a combination of the two, this post is the right place for you.

What is an Explainer Video?

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There are 3 main types of motion graphics for brands:

  • Emotive: Primary goal is to move the audience to feel something
  • Explainer: Primary goal is to define a concept, product, service, or organization
  • Promotional: Primary goal is to sell a product or service

So, explainer videos and motion graphics aim to provide more detail on what you do and why you do it. This is the chief goal, above eliciting an emotional response (emotive) or generating a sale (promotional). 

Why Should I Choose an Animated Explainer Video for My Company?

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Don’t get us wrong! There are great reasons to choose live-action, or a combination of live-action and animation, for your explainer video. But with video predicted to be 82% of all IP traffic by 2022 (Cisco), it’s worth it to make the right choice. So let’s explore.

A video can be entirely live-action, entirely animated, or can include some combination of live-action and animation.

A motion graphic, specifically, involves animation. So it can’t be entirely live-action, but it can be either entirely animated or a combo of live-action and animation.

Why choose live-action, animation, or both for your explainer video?

  • Live-action: Helpful when an animation may not enhance the message. Examples might include subject-matter-expert testimonials, showing off a new retail/production space, or demonstrating an actual product/service in action. That said, there are times when even these use cases could benefit from animation. Your video production partner can advise you here.
  • Animation: Can help explain what live-action can’t. Examples might include a microscopic or macroscopic dive into a concept, the sensation of an enhanced feeling or experience, or a prototype for something that hasn’t been created yet.
  • Combination: When you want the straightforward approach that live-action offers, but with an enhanced or even augmented experience that animation brings, combine the two!

As with any creative choice, this decision should not be based on personal preference. Use your brand identity for overall brand explainer videos, or your visual language for a specific product or service, as the foundation for your choice. Factor in your goals for the explainer video, the audience you’re targeting, and the input of your creative content agency partner. These strategic calculations will lead you to the right choice.

Launching a New Product or Service, or Rebranding in 2021?

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An explainer video is a powerful introduction to a new era for your brand. And you can see meaningful engagement in videos up to 2 minutes long. So build one into your launch plan for success in the new year!

What if an explainer video doesn’t feel like the right fit? The other types of motion graphics we discussed here might still be a fit. For a comprehensive look at motion graphics and animated videos in general, check out Motion Graphics: A Complete Guide for Marketers & Brand Leaders.

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