What Does a Visual Communication Agency Do?

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From annual reports to social media, any digital or print presence represents your company. Organizations of any age benefit from a brand that puts their best face forward — but if you don’t have a dedicated team in house, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re presenting a clear vision and voice. A visual communication agency should offer a full-service approach to supporting your company and reaching your audiences in the most effective ways.

The Foundation: Visual Strategy

In a study of 200+ organizations, brand consistency created an average revenue increase of 23%. Having the right visual strategy can support a cohesive approach to your communications by providing clear direction. A defined plan will help creators answer the common Ws from any business engagement; visual strategies should answer both the “what” (an individual infographic? A multimedia campaign?) and the “where” (print or web? Mail or social media?). As for “why,” 91% of consumers prefer visual and interactive content — providing image-based communications will deliver on your audience’s preferences.

A truly effective strategy will also consider what kinds of visual direction a brand needs. At the macro level, a visual identity aligns a company’s goals with its visual look and feel as a whole. A visual language, rather, is campaign- or product-specific, creating unique visual approaches under a brand identity’s larger umbrella.

A visual communication agency will be able to support your organization’s goals, relying on visual expertise to provide insight into how to take your brand to the next level.

The Content: Visual Assets

With a clear visual direction established by the visual identity and/or language, it’s time to create the content that will be used to bring your visual direction to life. These assets can range from infographics to motion graphics to interactive experiences. No matter what kinds of content — or the quantity — what matters most is that the format will effectively reach your intended audience.

At this day and age, the basics of visual content may be familiar — a survey of more than 5,700 marketers reported that 80% use visual assets in social media marketing. An agency that specializes in visual communication should be able to help shape any strategy to define what kinds of assets would best suit your needs based on factors such as your audience, your campaign-specific goals, and your most successful communication channels — and perhaps suggest some new avenues for targeted content creation.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

The Execution: Custom Collateral

To make the most of a visual strategy, it’s essential that each aspect of the visual identity and visual language is brought to life. This requires custom creative work.

Handcrafted copy aligns a brand’s tone and shapes the messaging into the format’s best practices. Custom design work ensures that icons and illustrations are unique to your company while capturing nuance in color and style. Personalized animation and development bring to life motion graphics and interactive pieces with flair that viewers won’t have seen elsewhere.

When working with a full-service visual communication agency, each aspect of your visual content is tailored to represent your brand or unique campaign. This helps to reinforce consistency, and the unified visual approach will give your brand a leg up in terms of audience recollection.

The Partner: A Visual Communication Agency

Brain studies reveal that three days after hearing information, you’ll remember 10% — but if there’s an image, you’ll remember 65%. Partnering with a visual communication agency can help your company be remembered for more than “that one thing you read about… somewhere.” With a partner who relies on expert experience, you can make the right impression while capturing your audience’s attention — visually.

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