Welcome to Killer Infographics Design And Our Brand Spankin’ New Site!

Here at Killer Infographics, we’re freakin’ busy. How busy… and what are we busy with?

This whole “new website” thing. We started working on this in July… and here it is! In November. Fashionably late, right?

PAC. Not PAC-MAN! We’re formulating our Protective Analytics Container (PAC) to secure better promotion and distribution with thorough tracking to ensure you get the links you deserve.

Wearing hats. Not like we have a daily hat try-on sesh (though maybe that should be a new thing…?), but we all wear many metaphorical hats at Killer. Amy Balliett, one of the co-founders, has taken on the web design duties. However, since she’s a co-founder, she’s simultaneously on the phone, sending emails, managing the team, meeting with clients, sifting through Quickbooks, feeding the dog, drinking decaf Americanos, and a whole lot more.

Some days she has so many hats on that she has to duck to get into the office. True story. (Not really.)

killer infographics new website design

Making our portfolio POP. We say this sarcastically, of course, and you only have to check out our new “Make It Pop” infographic and motion graphic to see why! But it’s true that our portfolio did need something of a makeover. It wasn’t showing who we are and how we work. Our new portfolio explains the elements that are the foundation of Killer Infographics:

  • Mastering Data, Design, and Distribution. We offer a full turnkey service for our clients, from ideation to information to creation to dissemination!
  • Working with amazing clients. We’ve designed for some of the biggest brands in the world – Ford, Sears, UFC, Jones Lang LaSalle, Redfin, Toyota, REI, Robert Half, LEGO, McDonalds… and the list goes on!
  • Cranking out infographics like there’s no tomorrow. July 2012 was our busiest month ever – until October happened. (We usually take on 20 – 23 infographics per week, but July yielded 28 per week and October led to 30!) So we’ve probably got another record month coming up shortly.
  • Making waves. We don’t only make static infographics. Our passion for new ways of expressing data viz is growing, and so is the demand for interactive infographics and motion graphics. Check out our Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki video to see us flex our motion muscles.
  • “With our powers combined…!” Our home page video says it best: we’re a team of marketers and creatives working in tandem with some of Seattle’s best designers. Throw in our latest team additions: animation gurus, voiceover artists, and exceptional developers and you’ve got the whole package.
  • Supporting startups. As a startup ourselves, we love working with other startups so much, that we offer a startup discount. Ask us about it!
  • Donating projects to non-profits. We periodically design a pro bono infographic for a great cause. We’ve helped organizations like Saving Cities, Backyard Broadcast, Amnesty International and the Melodic Caring Project to promote the important work they do.
  • Staying affordable while offering all of that. We may be one of the leading infographic design agencies, but we’re also among the most competitive for pricing. We spent 6 months working with a top firm investigating the competition, and learned that we offer some of the highest quality designs out there while still providing lower prices and some of the fastest turnaround times.

Finally, we’ve been having fun. As we’ve grown our team from 2 to 20 we learned that we have a lot of fun together. We’re the kings and queens of karaoke, love pho and Cuban sandwiches, and will never turn down a jaunt to the local coffee shop.

So there you have it: we’re team Killer, we’re busy, we love what we do, and hope we get to work with you! Enjoy the new site and drop us a line to let us know what you think!

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