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It’s official: Killer Infographics is 1 of 5 nominees for Geekwire’s Geekiest Office Space and to win, WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Every year, hosts their startup awards here in Seattle and last year, while our company was still a young’n, we made it our goal to get nominated for an award in 2013! Of course, as over-achievers, now that we’ve been nominated we want to go one step further and win! Please CLICK HERE to vote for Killer Infographics as the Geekiest Office Space.

For our team, the Geekiest Office Space nomination is very symbolic of our journey as a company. In just 2 years, we bootstrapped our way from 2 to 20 employees, 0 to 250+ global clients, and grew out of 4 other offices. Through all of this, the team has helped shape this company by creating a collaborative culture where everyone’s opinion counts. This is now our 5th and final office space. We chose a space we could grow into versus out of and have put our all into making this a space where we could flourish creatively. Because this space was important to the entire staff, everyone had a say in it. We toured offices together and picked this place as a team. We picked paint colors, designed murals and furniture as a team too (shopping at Ikea together on a Saturday afternoon to find what we could, and taking many trips to Home Depot to design our own furniture where all premade options fell short). We even spent our weekends in November and December working hard building our desks, bookcases, and the platform our desks sit on. We were so proud of our hard work that we hosted a party in December to show this place off to friends, family and clients. We are a collaborative company through and through, and this office and all the elbow grease that went into it, proves it.

Of course, those aren’t the only things that make this a geeky office space worthy of your vote. Here’s a list of what makes this place unique (I’ve highlighted my favorites):


Built in 1890, this space has a TON of character featuring:

  • A large, open floor plan without walls, cubicles or any other form of partition, allowing for a collaborative environment at all times
  • Teams broken up by “pods” of desks: Promo Pod (our marketing & IG promo team), Punch Pod (our research & copy team), Pixel Pod (our amazing designers), Pop Pod (the IG editors that take on requests like “make it pop”), Presi Pod (Co-Founder Amy Balliett’s desk), and the Puppy Pod (our standing desks with puppy mouse pads… and our office dog, Langston).
  • All desks built by the team and painted our killer red
  • Our favorite infographics have been printed many feet tall and cover our walls
  • 2 murals showcasing our taglines (“Data, Design, Distribution” and “We Give Information a Facelift”) take up two large wall spaces
  • Original floor to ceiling windows cover 3 of the 4 walls
  • Original hardwood floors
  • Awesome Macs – we are a Mac office… yes there are 2 PCs, but they were built just for animating video and oddly, even as a Mac nerd, I am in awe of them
  • Bike rack – no need to keep our bikes outside
  • The Land of Misfit Illustrations – yes, our Christmas tree is still up. We’re not lazy, we just need a home for all of our rejected illustrations — and they work so well as ornaments
  • Adjustable standing desks – everyone can go to the Puppy Pod whenever they want to stretch their legs and do some work standing up
  • A level platform (hey, it’s important) – the only thing that everyone feared about this place was that the old floors were pretty warped. So, we built a level platform around the perimeter for our desks to sit high and mighty as all hard workers should.


An addition to this building was added in 1910. It split the main level in half, giving us 2 extra spaces: one a half flight below the main office floor and another a half flight above. The conference room is in one of these spaces and features the following:

  • Moveable walls that partition the room into 3 spaces: A sound recording studio for our motion graphics, a conference room and a waiting room for clients
  • A moveable wall that also acts as a white board
  • A salvaged wood movable wall (yeah, another moveable wall!)
  • A sound recording booth in an old elevator shaft
  • Life-size versions of our Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot mascots
  • Surround sound with a Blu-ray/DVD player that actually has a Netflix button (very important for May 26th, when our office will have an Arrested Development Season 4 Release party)
  • A movie theater popcorn machine with large popcorn buckets to enjoy during a night of Game of Thrones
  • A conference table and killer red benches built and designed by our office manager, Ashley
  • Projector and projector screen
  • A separate hidden entrance into the recording studio via a bookcase – who doesn’t want a room secreted behind a bookcase in their office?
  • Framed photos of our team at various events (especially Geekwire photo booth pics) fill the walls
  • A treasure chest – we have a lot of contests in our office and decided it was best to keep a cache of prizes available at all times and where better to keep those prizes than locked away in a treasure chest? Past prizes include a set of Elvis coasters, a “Moo-Cow” sound maker, and a “That was Easy” button.


This room sold us on the office. It has amazing, 360-degree views of Seattle’s Fremont with 4 walls of windows and 20 foot ceilings. We made it a relaxing break room with the following features:

  • A climbing wall – again, who doesn’t want a rock climbing wall in their break room?
  • 2 Kegerators featuring local beer. This month’s beer is from Reuben’s and it’s soooo gooood
  • A Keurig to brew up our daily cups of coffee
  • A refrigerator in the elevator shaft
  • Tons of fun games like BopIt, puzzles, and LEGOs… tons of LEGOs
  • Doors that lead to nowhere… they’re a mystery
  • A retro foosball table to fit the retro space
  • Yes, it’s branded – we painted the room our killer blue and filled it with killer red furniture
  • Infographics on the walls
  • Comfy couches around a plush red carpet
  • Access to our private rooftop with tables and chairs to enjoy the rare days of Seattle sun


Yes that’s right, even our hallway is cool!

  • A spray painted Killer Infographics mural made by our amazing design editor, Keanan
  • A bookcase that opens up to our sound studio

These are just some of the features that make our office worthy of the Geekiest Office Space award. So what do you say? Will you throw a vote our way?

Eric Tra

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Eric Tra is the marketing director at Killer Visual Strategies. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Eric received degrees in marketing and fine art from Gonzaga University. After graduating, he moved to Seattle with the hopes of of pursuing a career in the city’s thriving tech community. Since earning a position at Killer Visual Strategies at the beginning of 2013, he has been at the forefront of all marketing activities within the company, including content strategy, lead generation, and social media management. Some of Eric’s other strengths in the office are geared toward internal project management; he currently leads the development of content pieces such as blog posts, ebooks, and more.

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