Visual Minute Week 10: Jeremy Lasky

Jeremy Lasky is the co-founder of Perception, one of today’s most innovative motion graphic studios. His work spans across several industries, including film where he helped create the digital brand and gadgetry used by Tony Stark throughout the Marvel blockbuster Iron Man 2. Jeremy and his friend were kind enough to share a few words of wisdom on the importance of visual content in this week’s Visual Minute.

Charlie Holbert

Author Charlie Holbert

Charlie Holbert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Killer Infographics. His career started out in the “blogosphere” where he spent the majority of his time copywriting for SEO and lead generation. He took what he learned to transition into junior sales and marketing for Killer Infographics, where he helped develop customer relations and build brand awareness through various digital marketing strategies. Today, Charlie and his team continue to build on their goals of developing and testing unique strategies toward customer acquisition, as well as positioning Killer Infographics as thought leaders in the visual communications industry through quality content development.

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