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Videos and motion graphics are among the most effective types of marketing content used today—after all, every marketer dreams of developing a viral video. But if you’re struggling with a limited marketing budget, these dreams may feel out of reach. Luckily, that’s far from the truth! There are video marketing solutions for every budget, and for every marketing goal. What’s more, given the high ROI of video, your investment should be well worthwhile. 

Let’s take a look at 3 different types of marketing video and the benefits of each. You’ll walk away empowered to decide which option is best for you. 

Long-Form Video Marketing Solutions

When we refer to long-form marketing video solutions, we’re talking about videos and motion graphics that are longer than 2 minutes. That may not seem very long, but some audiences can start to lose interest after just a few minutes — unless you give them a reason to stay.

And, in fact, there are a lot of good reasons for your audiences to stick around for a longer video. Such content might: 

  1. Explain how to use one of your products or services. 
  2. Share a compelling story about your brand. 
  3. Tell a relatable story about one of your customers or about a hypothetical customer. 
  4. Share exciting data or information about your product or service. 

How-to videos are extremely useful for audiences and customers. They add value to your brand, because they improve customer satisfaction. Just make sure any explainer video you produce focuses on being useful — not selling to the audience.

Meanwhile, visual storytelling remains one of today’s most powerful tools for marketers. Think about your audience: what stories would be most interesting to them? If you can draw a clear connection between that narrative and a bigger impact you’re making on the world, great! This is an especially strong story when that impact is a visible social or economic benefit for others. 

And yes, a long-form marketing video can indeed go viral! Consider the mattress company Purple’s 2017 hit video, “Goldilocks Bed Expert,” which clocked in at 4 minutes long. The video drove $75+ million in sales and hundreds of millions of views! Take a look: 

One reason this video is so successful is that it provides real value. It explains in detail how a mattress’s construction impacts the way we feel, and the way we sleep. And it leads with this valuable information — not with a sales pitch. This value combined with a humorous theme (Goldilocks and the three bears) and a quirky way of proving Purple’s value (the egg test) made this marketing video go viral. 

The Classic Viral Marketing Video

Most marketing videos clock in at under 2 minutes — and there are plenty of reasons why. Wistia found that engagement is highest when a video stays under 120 seconds long. And after all, most marketing messages can be shared in this span of time. 

There are more reasons to make this type of marketing video than we could possibly list. But for example, with this type of video, you might: 

  1. Introduce a new product or service. 
  2. Share the story of your company. 
  3. Tell a customer or hypothetical customer’s story. 
  4. Explain the value of your product or service. 
  5. Share key data about your industry, product, or service. 
  6. Explore a social and/or economic topic related to your brand. (Tip: This is a chance to link your organization to the social good it’s doing!) 
  7. Share your values as an organization. 
  8. Explain how to use one part of your product or service. 

For example, this 1-minute motion graphic explains the value of the LifeBridge Health call center for George, a hypothetical patient: 

Meanwhile, this motion graphic tells an inspiring story, clocking in at 1:55: 

The benefits of this type of marketing video are multifold. Here are just a few: 

  1. They’re an affordable option for a wide range of marketing budgets. 
  2. They’re most likely to go viral, since they lie within audiences’ optimum attention span. 
  3. They’re useful across a broad range of contexts, applications, and platforms. 

For more examples of motion graphics and videos that fall within this classic category, check out our motion graphics portfolio

The Short-Form Animated Video or GIF

GIFs have proven to be one of the most resilient and compelling forms of content on the web. A holdover from the internet’s early days, they’re still more popular than ever, and they’re widely adaptable across just about every platforms, from social media to message boards to landing pages. 

And the best part: GIFs and short-form animated video marketing content were basically made to go viral! 

For marketing purposes, they have a variety of applications. You might use them to: 

  1. Show a compelling data visualization. 
  2. Explain a basic process or how-to.  
  3. Share something humorous or entertaining. 
  4. Bring to life, punctuate, or illustrate accompanying text. 

When Riddell partnered with 3D printing company Carbon, they made a series of animated GIFs to explain their innovative production process. Here are a few:

Alternatively, when entrepreneurial service organization digitalundivided created a classic-length motion graphic to share the story of key women entrepreneurs of color, they also created short-form GIF excerpts of each woman’s portrait so they could share the stories individually. Here’s one:

You can see how the animations bring the accompanying social media post to life. 

There are many benefits of this type of content, including that: 

  1. It’s great for lower budgets. 
  2. Its highly engaging nature gives it an impressive return on investment. 
  3. It can be shared across a variety of platforms and contexts. 

No matter what your budget or your marketing needs, viral video content is within your reach — and remains one of the most effective types of content out there. What are your favorite video marketing tips? Share in the comments below!

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