Killer Infographics Vimeo vs. YouTube

If you’re preparing to share your next video or motion graphic, choosing the right hosting platform can make the difference in widening your outreach and sharing efforts. Both YouTube and Vimeo are platforms with significant business use, but knowing the nuances of each is essential to making an informed decision. We placed them in the boxing ring to face off based on four key considerations.

Killer Infographics Vimeo vs. YouTube

Both Vimeo and YouTube are popular hosting channels, and as a result, there are advantages and disadvantages to each:

  • Vimeo doesn’t run advertisements! This means that your audience is far less likely to click away and more likely to watch the entire piece of content.
  • YouTube is very popular! Every single minute, 300 hours of video content are uploaded. While this indicates a large number of video-watchers, there also is a lot of low-quality noise that can obscure your quality content — your audience might not find or stay to watch your entire video.

Winner: Vimeo. While the large audience YouTube presents is full of possibility, it will take more work for your particular audience to find your expert work.

Killer Infographics Vimeo vs. YouTube

Putting your personal touch on your video platform will help further your brand for your audience and help your audience engage with not just your content but also your company.

  • Vimeo allows for custom branding of the video player. When you embed videos on your site, the video can integrate more seamlessly.
  • YouTube allows full customization of your channel, so the platform can be an extension of your brand.

Winner: Tie! Depending on your brand goals, each platform can help you achieve diverse effects and outreach.

The availability of viewing insight about your post allows you to adjust your marketing efforts and future video projects, so make sure you have the tools to understand your video’s impact.

  • Vimeo Business offers Google Analytics integration, a variety of reports based on different viewing activity (views, likes, comments, etc.), and insight into where and how videos are watched.
  • YouTube also offers Google Analytics integration, different visualization formats (charts, stacks, graphs, etc.), and information filters, including time, place, playback type, and subscriber status.

Winner: Tie! Both platforms provide key analysis capabilities. In this case, preference is personal!

No matter your business, expanding your audience base helps your business grow. Your video platform should help engage — and increase — your viewer base.

  • Vimeo has more than 170 million users and is growing at an 80% year-over-year rate.
  • YouTube boasts more than 1 billion users — approximately ⅓ of the total number of internet users. The platform saw 50% year-over-year growth from 2012 to 2015 and is still growing.

Winner: YouTube! The sheer number of people searching and watching video on the platform provides the possibility to develop unexpected audiences.

Match Outcome
Vimeo and YouTube tied the face-off. With advantages and disadvantages to each platform, it’s up to you, your brand, and your company to decide which platform will advance your goals most effectively. An informed decision will help place your video content in the internet spotlight.

Do you have any experience with either — or both — platforms? Let us know here.

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