6 Video Marketing Strategies for a Visual World

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We’re surrounded by quick and easy ways to produce and share video content. The “story” features on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are used by individuals and businesses alike to share snippets of their day. In fact, stories have become an integral part of many businesses’ video marketing strategies. A 2018 survey found that nearly 7 in 10 people who use Facebook’s collection of apps use stories.

As individuals, we can post most anything we choose without too much thought. For businesses, it’s still a form of marketing — your story should truly tell your brand’s story. The same goes for longer videos and motion graphics shared on other platforms. Here are 6 video marketing strategies to consider for your next video:

1. Avoid Long Videos — Try a Series Instead

74% of the value of a video ad is communicated within the first 10 seconds, according to Facebook and Nielsen. This means that the longer a video goes on, the less your viewers are learning. By the time you hit around 2 minutes, viewer engagement drops significantly.

So why put energy into 1 lengthy video? Break your information into a series. You could gain that first-10-seconds attention back for multiple videos.

2. Say It With Visuals

Voiceover is a powerful tool. However, if your onscreen action isn’t working hard enough to tell the story, your efforts may be wasted. Multiple publishers reported that around 85% of their Facebook video views were watched without sound. So if you’re relying heavily on voiceover and sound design to communicate the narrative, your audience may miss the info.

Let visuals drive the narrative instead. Use text and audio as support. Consider captioning, too. Facebook found that captions can increase the length of time a Facebook video is viewed by up to 12%. You’ll reach a wider audience, hold their attention longer, and make a more memorable impression.

3. Know Your Story

Most branded videos fall within 3 primary categories:

  • Explainer: Explains a process, product, or concept.  
  • Promotional: Promotes a product, an initiative, or a service.
  • Emotive: Elicits an emotional response or motivates to action.

In general, each video or motion graphic should only attempt to cover 1 of these 3 categories. It’s tough to elicit an emotional response while also explaining how your nonprofit operates at an organizational level. And while you could teach consumers the benefits of your product or service in an explainer video, you may miss out on the opportunity for other sales approaches without a promotional focus.

Keep your goal for each video focused to streamline your narrative and get results. To learn more about these 3 categories, check out our ebook, 3 Types of Motion Graphics to Enhance Your Content Strategy.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

4. Produce for Your Platform

Instagram and Snapchat are designed for mobile consumption, so vertical videos work well on these platforms. Even YouTube is beginning to accommodate vertical video, reporting that more than 70% of its watch time now happens on mobile devices. Still, that means that nearly 30% of viewing is non-mobile, and vertical videos aren’t ideal for a desktop experience. Standard horizontal videos aren’t dead!

You want your video’s script, art, and music to cater to your audience. Likewise, its format should cater to your platform. Since platform requirements can make or break the usability of your video, this is one of the most essential video marketing strategies.

5. Opt for Custom Motion Graphics & Video

HubSpot has said that custom imagery converts 7x better than stock imagery. In other words, stock doesn’t sell, and video marketing strategies that incorporate stock are likely to fall short. This goes for your script, artwork, and animation, as well as your sound design and score. Stock music just can’t uniquely complement the flow of your video the way a custom track can.

When you create a fresh experience for your viewers, they’re better able to connect with your message and your brand. Your business is unique. Unique content such as motion graphics is the only way to communicate that fact to your audience.

6. Be Open to New Video Marketing Strategies

Remember whiteboard videos? They were popular for a reason, but the moment has passed. These days they can simply feel dated. With any creative work, sticking just with what you know can leave you in a rut. It can also drive your audience to look elsewhere for new content.

Today, when you’re working to create great content, there are so many more options to choose from. The choices go far beyond traditional, camera-captured video footage. You can explore virtual reality and augmented reality, animated motion graphics, live-action video with animation overlay, and so much more.

Whichever approach you pick, make sure the decision is based on strategy. A video that chases a trend in conflict with its goals will miss the mark every time. In the end, that’s far worse than a tried-and-true approach that hits each goal.

How successful was your brand’s latest release? We hope these video strategies help ensure that your next piece of visual content achieves your goals.

Lucy Todd

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Lucy Todd is the Chief Process Officer at Killer Visual Strategies. She is a Seattle native and Western Washington University graduate. Her degree in Creative Writing and her customer service background both inform her work daily. A Killer employee since 2011 and executive since 2014, Lucy has researched for, written, and/or project-managed over 4,000 projects for the company, affording her key insight into our processes and projects. This experience is invaluable in allowing her to lead and empower Killer’s content and project management teams to success. Lucy enjoys managing the day-to-day at the office, offering a unique perspective when a team or colleague feels stuck, and learning from her peers and clients each day.

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