Upcoming Webinar: Visual Campaign and Visual Communication Strategies for Beginners

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What’s the difference between a collection of visual content and a visual campaign? The former can be achieved without a solid plan in place. But the latter is only achieved when your marketing team is versed in essential visual communication strategies, and applies those best practices toward the creation of a visual strategy for your campaign. 

But developing a goal-oriented, results-driven visual strategy isn’t easy. You can learn how to make your next marketing campaign a success in an upcoming webinar from Killer Visual Strategies.

Visual Marketing Campaigns for Beginners,” hosted by Killer CEO Amy Balliett, will take place October 29th at 10–11 a.m. PDT/1–2 p.m. EST. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free webinar. 

Where Visual Campaigns Go Wrong

Successful visual campaign strategies leverage many types of content to drive a unified message. This means your campaign should feel true to your overall brand, but also customized to the specific goal of your campaign. In fact, 78% of CMOs now see custom content as the future of marketing.

Although more marketers are seeing the benefits of using a wide variety of visual content to connect with their audiences, this variety can come with certain pitfalls. Campaigns often fall victim to these common mistakes: 

Although sharing a variety of content is essential to holding an audience’s attention, a campaign that feels mismatched or hit-and-miss may do more damage than good. Audiences may feel your company doesn’t have a clear message or can’t consistently deliver that message. Consistency is key, but it’s not always easy to achieve. 

35% of marketers say creating consistently engaging visual content is a top struggle

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The core of a cohesive visual marketing campaign is the planning. By crafting a full visual strategy, you can set a strong foundation and a blueprint for your campaign from start to finish.  

How to Craft Successful Visual Communication Strategies

With the right visual communication strategies, a visual campaign can be set up for immediate success, and can position your company for growth. This type of campaign will be: 

  • Consistent and unified
  • Expansion oriented 
  • Research-driven

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to maintain your campaign’s momentum by building on a strong foundation from the start. 

A Webinar from the Best Visual Strategists in the Business

In her October 29th webinar, Amy Balliett, co-founder and CEO of Killer Visual Strategies, will share practical insights on how to develop a goal-oriented visual strategy that ensures your next marketing campaign achieves its goals and reaches your audience.

You’ll also have the chance to ask Amy questions about how to optimize your company’s campaign.

Ready to sign up? Register for the webinar here.  

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