Upcoming Webinar Explains How to Create Compelling, Effective Data Visualization


No matter what business you’re in, data visualization can help you tell effective and engaging stories. In fact, pairing text with images improves comprehension by 89%! So whether you partner with a design agency to create your data visualizations or simply hope to learn more about the importance of accuracy in visual content, we’ve got good news. Our upcoming webinar on January 28 will offer up all the tips and tricks you need. 

Why Is Data Viz Important? 

Data visualization is a vital tool for communicating data sets in an intuitive way. Without it, the consumption of data is relegated to lists, spreadsheets, and text-dominant reports. These means of communication have their place, to be sure. But they are often less successful at quickly and clearly highlighting the most important data.

So when you want to make an impression that’s both immediate and long-lasting, data visualization is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Effective Data Visualization for Internal and External Comms

Bar charts showing effective data visualization with correct and incorrect examples

Ever wondered how to properly show a percentage increase, a trend over time, or a single takeaway stat? There are guidelines to which types of data visualization you should use in these scenarios. You should also know why each choice is the right one, and how to use that type of data visualization effectively. This last component is vital in making sure you don’t accidentally misrepresent the information you’re communicating.

In our next webinar, Killer Visual Strategies CEO and founder Amy Balliett will explain what goes into those decisions. She’ll also advise on how to make the right choice. You’ll understand the use cases for different types of data visualization accurately. You’ll also learn how to leverage data visualization to better connect with your customers and colleagues, while supporting business decisions and growth, too. 

Slide showing effective and ineffective data visualization using 2 pie charts

How Do I Sign Up?

Join us on Tuesday, January 28, at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST to learn how an expert design agency produces effective and compelling data visualization! There’ll be a Q&A portion at the end of the webinar. It’s your chance to ask Amy about anything else you want to know related to data visualization. 

Can’t make it to the live event on Tuesday? Don’t worry! The webinar will be recorded and sent out afterwards to registered participants. Sign up for the webinar by clicking here

Lucy Todd

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Lucy Todd is the Chief Process Officer at Killer Visual Strategies. She is a Seattle native and Western Washington University graduate. Her degree in Creative Writing and her customer service background both inform her work daily. A Killer employee since 2011 and executive since 2014, Lucy has researched for, written, and/or project-managed over 4,000 projects for the company, affording her key insight into our processes and projects. This experience is invaluable in allowing her to lead and empower Killer’s content and project management teams to success. Lucy enjoys managing the day-to-day at the office, offering a unique perspective when a team or colleague feels stuck, and learning from her peers and clients each day.

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