The Art of the Slide Deck

It’s Wednesday — budget meeting time. Your colleague hooks up her laptop to the large display at the front of the room and loads her presentation. It’s the same one she’s used for years, and while it contains the necessary information for the meeting, it’s… well… dull. It doesn’t do anything to increase engagement or understanding, looks outdated, and is mostly just text with a few color-coded headers — so she’s used to seeing a lot of blank, distracted faces staring back at her (or at the floor, or at their phones) while she’s presenting.

Of all the slide deck presentations you’ve seen recently, you’ve probably encountered at least one of many potential problems…

While we can all agree that some meetings just aren’t necessary, there are just as many times when the information being presented in a meeting is game-changing, calling attendees to take action and form a plan for moving forward. If the information isn’t understood — or isn’t even paid attention to — it’s very difficult to work efficiently. That’s where the presentation slide deck comes into play in your visual communication strategy.

We’ve had the opportunity to create effective and engaging slide decks for many amazing organizations, either as a first project together or part of a larger brand initiative. Here are a few examples of those we’ve helped:


Seattle Foundation
The Seattle Foundation is a nonprofit that connects philanthropists with important causes. They needed a slide deck to present their value to potential funders, philanthropists, and financial advisors. We used their brand to elevate the visual impact of their message, making the Seattle Foundation’s value much more clear to their target audiences. The resulting deck lets the visuals guide the main ideas, limiting text to brief summaries and supporting information.

Downtown Seattle Association
The Downtown Seattle Association’s mission is to create a healthy, vibrant downtown. For their 2018 Annual Meeting, they needed a visual campaign — at its heart was a slide deck to showcase major achievements as well as guide the progress of the speakers and topics during the meeting. Learn more on our portfolio page for this piece. 

MyConsultQ is a healthcare talent marketplace, uniting organizations in need of staff with resources that are looking for new opportunities. As a new organization, they first needed to establish a visual brand; part of that process involved the creation of a clean slide deck template. We created the template for easy use for any of MyConsultQ’s future content, so the copy is all explanatory/placeholder. Check out our case study for more info. 

If you’re hoping for bright-eyed engagement instead of glossy-eyed disinterest at your next presentation, a new slide deck could help more than you think. Got a big meeting or speaking engagement coming up? Let us know; we’d love to help your presentation make an impression!

Lucy Todd

Author Lucy Todd

Lucy Todd is the Chief Process Officer at Killer Visual Strategies. She is a Seattle native and Western Washington University graduate. Her degree in Creative Writing and her customer service background both inform her work daily. A Killer employee since 2011 and executive since 2014, Lucy has researched for, written, and/or project-managed over 4,000 projects for the company, affording her key insight into our processes and projects. This experience is invaluable in allowing her to lead and empower Killer’s content and project management teams to success. Lucy enjoys managing the day-to-day at the office, offering a unique perspective when a team or colleague feels stuck, and learning from her peers and clients each day.

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