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Visual strategy comprises the creative and analytic decisions that inform any visual expression of a brand. It can take a variety of forms — from a visual identity for the brand as a whole to a visual language for a specific visual marketing campaign or product group.

Whatever form it takes, one thing is for certain: today’s brands can’t survive without a clearly defined visual strategy. They need to be recognizable via a variety of high-quality content. And that requires planning.

Explore these articles to learn how to develop a visual strategy for your organization, campaign, or endeavor.

Visual Strategy: How to Improve Your Website’s UX


“Web design is DEAD.” “All websites look the same.” “Apps killed the web.” If you’ve kept your ear to web design trends this past year, you may have heard some of these harsh sentiments. We’d like to discuss some of the reasons why these sentiments aren’t true, and how they are negatively affecting the current state of web design and development. Principles of Web Design Web design isn’t dead, and thankfully others agree. It’s easy…

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