Visual Content for Marketers & Internal Comms Professionals

Visual content spans a wide range of mediums. Today’s marketers and internal comms and HR professionals use everything from motion graphics to infographics to interactive visual training courses to connect with their audiences. That’s because text-based content is no longer effective at attracting and maintaining their attention. What’s more, visual content increases retention of the information you want to share.

So explore the articles below to discover all the different types of visual content at your disposal. Whether you’re planning a visual marketing campaign or setting up a professional development course, visual content is the answer.

Visual Minute Week 3: Dennis Keeley

While attending SXSW this year, my Creative Director and I attended a session entitled “The Rise of the Visual Strategist.” Led by Dennis Keeley and Peter Krogh, this was by far one of the most interesting sessions on the Interactive track. Both Keeley and Krogh are experts in the world of visual content and discussed how visual language has become the expected mode of communication among younger generations. Given their experience, I met up with them after…

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Visual Minute Week 2: Lance Ulanoff

Lance Ulanoff is the former Editor-in-Chief of PCMag and the current Chief Correspondent of Mashable. We caught up with him at this year’s SXSW to talk about visual communication. As tech expert and Mashable Chief Correspondent, Lance comes across a great deal of visual media on a regular basis. Because of this, we felt that he was one of the best people to ask “What makes visual content worth paying attention to?” Checkout his answer…

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Introducing The Visual Minute: A Video Series About Visual Content

What makes visual content worth paying attention to? Take a moment to think about this question. Both online and offline, we live in a world where visual communication is not only the fastest method of connecting with an audience, but also the most preferred. Now more than ever, producing great visual content is a must for brands seeking to build relationships with their customers. But what makes visual content great in the first place? Why…

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