Visual Content for Marketers & Internal Comms Professionals

Visual content spans a wide range of mediums. Today’s marketers and internal comms and HR professionals use everything from motion graphics to infographics to interactive visual training courses to connect with their audiences. That’s because text-based content is no longer effective at attracting and maintaining their attention. What’s more, visual content increases retention of the information you want to share.

So explore the articles below to discover all the different types of visual content at your disposal. Whether you’re planning a visual marketing campaign or setting up a professional development course, visual content is the answer.

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What Is Visual Strategy, and Why Do You Need It?

With our recent name-change here at Killer Visual Strategies, you might be wondering what we mean by “visual strategy.” Put simply, it’s the thoughtful and skillful application of key visual communication tenets to solve communication challenges. For our purposes, visual strategy encompasses the creative and analytic decisions that inform any visual…
Josh Miles
August 20, 2019
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4 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Video today comprises more than just a night out at the movies or a YouTube cat video binge (though both of those things can be rewarding!). Businesses are increasingly using video to advance their marketing strategies, targeting pre-established audiences while reaching out to new ones. Different kinds (and lengths) of…
Abi Pollokoff
February 10, 2017
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Visual Communication and the New iOS 10

This is an exclusive blog post direct from our co-founder and CEO, Amy Balliett. She discusses how visual communication is at the heart of the latest Apple software update for mobile devices, giving personal examples that help illustrate how these features can be used. This past weekend, my mom finally…
Amy Balliett
November 21, 2016