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Visual communication graphically represents information to efficiently and effectively create meaning. It can include everything from data visualization and illustration to icons and animation. But at its core, it’s designed to deliver a particular message, achieve a goal, and engage a specific audience.

A visual communication agency is a team that’s specially trained to represent data and information not just beautifully, but accurately. That’s where they differ from traditional graphic designers, who may create aesthetically pleasing work while failing to deliver your message.

The articles below explain how to make visual communication an essential tool in every department of your organization. From marketers to HR professionals, everyone needs to know how to deliver their message visually if they want people to remember and engage with the information they’re sharing.

Visual Minute Week 13: Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is our next guest for this week’s Visual Minute. Debbie joins us as the CEO of Sterling Brands, Chair of SVC’s Masters in Branding, and host of the Design Matters podcast, making her a well-rounded authority toward the intricacies of what makes visual content stand out from the crowd. Check out Debbie’s response and stay up to date on the Visual Minute as we continue the series next week.

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Visual Minute Week 12: Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder, CEO of Marketing Zen and author of recently published Momentum: How to Propel your Marketing and Transform your brand in the Digital Age, joins us for this week’s Visual Minute. From small business and nonprofits to publicly-held Fortune 500 companies, Shama and the Zen Marketing team have helped numerous organizations build and implement successful digital marketing strategies, which is why we thought it necessary to track her down at this year’s SXSW and discuss…

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Visual Minute Week 11: Laura Feinstein

Laura Feinstein is always coming across new and creative ways in which visual content is used to connect and inspire audiences. As the Head of Fusion’s Social Stories, she offers an expressive approach toward visual content and its role in the world of news and media in this week’s Visual Minute. Check out her response and stay up to date on the Visual Minute as we continue the series next week with acclaimed photographer and author…

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Visual Minute Week 10: Jeremy Lasky

Jeremy Lasky is the co-founder of Perception, one of today’s most innovative motion graphic studios. His work spans across several industries, including film where he helped create the digital brand and gadgetry used by Tony Stark throughout the Marvel blockbuster Iron Man 2. Jeremy and his friend were kind enough to share a few words of wisdom on the importance of visual content in this week’s Visual Minute.

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Visual Minute Week 8: Nancy Duarte

Duarte, Inc. CEO, Nancy Duarte, has dedidcated years helping people turn their ideas into stories through presentation media. Check out this week’s visual minute as Nancy provides some great insight on how visual content can help develop mutual understanding and collaboration between two parties. Stay tuned for next week’s visual minute and stay up to date on the whole Visual Minute series here.

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Visual Minute Week 7: Greg Storey

With over 20 years of digital design experience spanning a myriad of industries, IBM’s Design Practice Lead Greg Storey is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to applications of visual communication. We were fortunate enough to steal some of Greg’s time at this year’s SXSW and pick his brain on the role visual content plays in attention economics. Hear what Greg has to say above and stay up-to-date on the full Visual Minute series.  

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Visual Minute Week 6: Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshall Kirkpatrick, co-founder of Little Bird, knows a thing or two about what it takes to develop a memorable online presence. He was kind enough to sit down with us to share his expertise and thoughts on how visual content can open up new meaning and accessibility for audiences in this week’s Visual Minute. Don’t forget to follow the full Visual Minute series as we interview a new influencer each week!    

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Visual Minute Week 5: Brian Fanzo

Change evangelist and master of all things social media, Brian Fanzo, joins us in this week’s Visual Minute. Having built a successful career around helping people and businesses connect with audiences through technology, Brian provides a unique perspective on visual communication’s role in providing authentic experiences. Hear what Brian has to say and stay up-to-date on the full Visual Minute series here.

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Visual Minute Week 4: Guy Kawasaki

Having spent the past few decades as a serial brand ambassador, author and globe trotting speaker, Guy Kawasaki has become a wealth of knowledge in the fields of marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, he has added Chief Evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool, and board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation to his resume. This is why we thought it necessary to trap Guy in a corner and get his thoughts on the importance…

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Visual Minute Week 3: Dennis Keeley

While attending SXSW this year, my Creative Director and I attended a session entitled “The Rise of the Visual Strategist.” Led by Dennis Keeley and Peter Krogh, this was by far one of the most interesting sessions on the Interactive track. Both Keeley and Krogh are experts in the world of visual content and discussed how visual language has become the expected mode of communication among younger generations. Given their experience, I met up with them after…

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Infographics Fundamentals: Our New Course on Lynda.com

For years, our team at Killer has been a huge fan of Lynda.com because of the great design courses they provide. Last week, we pivoted from fan to participant with the launch of our first Lynda course: Infographics Fundamentals. This 5-part online class focuses on helping designers understand the basics of infographic design, allowing them to master the art and offer visual communication solutions to their own clients. The course begins with an explanation of the foundation of…

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The Value of Motion Graphics


  Motion graphic, explainer video, animated infographic—whatever the name, these short, animated videos are frequently found on landing pages and in email campaigns, ranging in quality from amateur to elegant. A quick Google search reveals the Internet is stocked with data supporting the value of video — how it increases engagement, boosts conversions, and drives social and search traffic. With the proliferation of video in digital marketing initiatives, it’s clear marketers have taken these studies…

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Visual Strategy: How to Improve Your Website’s UX


“Web design is DEAD.” “All websites look the same.” “Apps killed the web.” If you’ve kept your ear to web design trends this past year, you may have heard some of these harsh sentiments. We’d like to discuss some of the reasons why these sentiments aren’t true, and how they are negatively affecting the current state of web design and development. Principles of Web Design Web design isn’t dead, and thankfully others agree. It’s easy…

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We’re Going to SXSW 2016 and Need Your Help


In March of this year, members of the Killer Infographics team attended SXSW for the very first time. Held every year in Austin, Texas, SXSW is one of the premier events for music, film, and technology. For the 2015 conference, we had the privilege of working directly with the SXSW staff to design a poster-sized guide for attendees and a series of mini infographics for the Interactive portion of the program. After months of designing, we were excited…

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March Madness: a Look into Logos and Visual Communication

The time is upon us. All around the country basketball fans are eagerly placing bets and filling out their brackets. The heat behind old school rivalries, not to mention regional rivalries, is at an all-time high. Even though March Madness is primarily a sporting event, there’s something fun for everyone…  yes, even for design geeks. Sports fans everywhere proudly show their support by wearing the colors of their favorite teams (talk about brand loyalty). But beyond the colors and…

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