Infographic Design by the Experts at Killer Visual Strategies

Infographic design can amplify your content marketing, engage new employees with training materials during onboarding, and more. But quality infographic design is about more than pairing text with images. See what the team at Killer Visual Strategies produces for our clients.

Infographic-style data visualizations in ebook designeBook Design

Why Your eBooks Should Look More Like Infographics

According to inmoment’s 2018 consumer research, 80% of consumers develop brand loyalty over time, thanks to the cumulative impact of interactions with your company. eBooks can make your brand more trustworthy, especially if they’re deployed as a part of your content marketing strategy. However, many ebooks lack the professional, visual-first…
Abi Pollokoff
February 25, 2020
Killer Infographics Understanding Design FlowDesign TipsInfographics

Understanding Design Flow

Effective visual communication relays information using a variety of different techniques. Besides integrating content with your design, it’s key that your design elements — including illustrations, icons or symbols, and typography — also work together to create seamless, easily digestible visualizations of data and ideas. By using design flow to guide…
Abi Pollokoff
November 14, 2016