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Motion graphics are exploding in popularity on the web — which means that a lot of marketers are integrating motion graphics into their online campaigns for the first time. But what are the best strategies for online marketing using motion graphics? We asked one of our regular clients, Jeffery Dempsey of Carrington College, to offer his insights based on his most recent project — a motion graphic that outlines the history of vaccines and explains how they work.

When Jeffery approached us with this idea for a motion graphic, we knew it was a pretty big topic, which led to the question: How do we craft an engaging narrative from such an enormous amount of data? That’s step one of marketing any infographic, after all: crafting a complementary aesthetic to a strong, clear narrative.

The answer we found: A bright, simple art style coupled with fluid and seamless animation, all directed by a conversational voiceover. Original music composition and sound design complete the package.

So now that the motion graphic is complete, where does a marketer go from here? We asked Jeffery to share some insights on Carrington College’s marketing strategy, and on how the college has successfully used static infographics and this motion graphic to promote its brand.

Killer Infographics: What was your goal in creating this motion graphic?

Jeffery Dempsey: Our primary goal with any content, video or otherwise, is to educate. A secondary but equally important goal is engagement. The more people we can reach, the more people we can teach. The way we see it, is if we create an amazing piece of content and no one reads it, we didn’t accomplish our primary goal of education.

KIG: How does Carrington College use motion graphics like this one as part of its marketing strategy?

JD: We are always looking for new ways to educate our readers. But let’s face it, sometimes people don’t want to read 40 pages on vaccines. Video provides us with a medium to educate and entertain.

KIG: This motion graphic doesn’t mention Carrington College until the logo is shown at the end. Why did you opt for minimal branding when it came to this project?

JD: While we are very proud of the motion graphic, we don’t believe that our brand is more important than answering our readers’ questions about vaccines. The way we see it is, if someone was wondering if vaccines were safe, their first question wouldn’t be who made this graphic. So, we choose to focus on their questions first, and if they want to know who created the video, we can answer that, too, but at the end.


KIG: You’ve created static infographics with us, as well. How does your marketing strategy change when you’re releasing a motion graphic vs. a static infographic? Are there situations in which motion graphics are more useful than static infographics, and vice versa?

JD: We love infographics; they are like a bento box of data. We can take complex data and put it into a beautiful box that is easy and fun to consume. However, there are times when we want to have a deeper conversation with our audience. Motion graphics allow us to tell a story and guide the reader through the information. We defer to motion graphics when the topic is complex and the user needs more guidance to understand the concepts.

KIG: Did you learn anything new, or anything that surprised you, about motion graphics over the course of this project?

JD: Motion graphics are a blast to create but it takes a lot of work to get there. You have to be meticulous with your planning because you can’t just do a reshoot like with traditional videos. The end product looks clean and simple but that’s a byproduct of quite a bit of effort. It’s worth the work, though, because the payoff is great.

KIG: Do you have any tips for fellow marketers on how to promote a motion graphic or infographic — or how a motion graphic can help an existing campaign?

JD: Your goal shouldn’t be to get a “like” or a share — that’s just a byproduct of good content. Instead of chasing social chatter, identify active communities who are deeply passionate about your topic and create relationships. This will give your content longevity and credibility.

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