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Company culture spotlight: Meet the team of Killer Infographics


Behind every successful company is a talented team of individuals, each with their own unique skill set and talents. New team members shouldn’t just have great work experience and scholastic merit, they should fit within the company culture. With fewer than 30 employees, Killer Infographics is a unique collective of illustrators, writers, gamers, and most importantly, creative thinkers. Company culture especially plays an important part in the startup world. Startups everywhere are embracing innovative work…

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Shark Week: 3 Killer Tips for Content Marketing


It’s that time of the year again, folks. Shark Week is here! Fans all around will be tuning in for all the carnage and slow-mo reels of one of the deep’s most terrifying beasts. Likewise, it is no surprise that this is a highly anticipated event for many businesses as well. Many brands will be getting ready to take a bite out of the fun while also boosting brand engagement at the same time. Because social…

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Employee Spotlight: Nic Hartmann


As part of our employee spotlight series we want to introduce the world to Nic Hartmann. Nic brings a vast knowledge of animation and design to the motion graphics department to help propel the team out of this stratosphere! Not to mention, he is a beautifully talented mariachi karaoke singer as well. Have fun learning more about this master of motion! Name: Nicholas Hartmann Title: Motion Graphic Designer What’s your role at KIG? I create, render…

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A Hip Badge Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS6


The company logo is the most important piece of marketing and branding material for any company. The first interaction a customer has with a company is almost always viewing the brand logo, even if the customer does not realize it. Corporation logos have evolved over time to keep up with market and consumer trends. Designing a brand logo is no cakewalk either; it can take months to find a design that encompasses all the essential…

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Using the Right Hashtag


The secret is out, folks – hashtags get results. Whether you’re a business professional attempting to build brand recognition or just the average Joe with an affinity toward silly cat photos, the hashtag has completely changed the way we communicate across nearly all media. They help muffle the noise produced by hundreds-of-millions ofactive social media users and, from a business/marketing perspective, have opened up a direct link between the brand and the consumer. So, what…

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Meet Lucy Weiland, KIG’s Content Master


One of the best parts of our job is getting to know our clients, so we’d like to give our blog readers a chance to get to know who’s designing our infographics, writing our content, and promoting our designs. Let’s start with one of the first employees who joined Killer Infographics. Name: Lucy Weiland Title: Chief Content Editor What’s your role at KIG? I head up the content/copywriting team, managing the day-to-day while researching the…

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A Killer Intro to the 2014 GeekWire Awards


  Get ready, folks! It’s time again for the best startup event in Seattle. For the third consecutive year the GeekWire Awards will be taking place at the EMP Museum, located in the heart of Seattle. Celebrating the startup community in Seattle and surrounding Pacific Northwest, the GeekWire Awards is the event to be at this Thursday night. One suggestion we have is to bring your business card. This event is the place to network…

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3 Things We’ve Learned about Improving Company Culture


Unique to every company is the culture that is nourished through constant interaction between coworkers, employees, and management. Killer Infographics’s co-founders, Amy and Nick, recognized early on that they wanted to build a company with a unique working environment — one that not only encouraged creative people to bolster their individual skill sets, but inspired productive collaboration across all company verticals. But maintaining a healthy office culture requires constant attention and smart strategizing. We haven’t…

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Strategies for Marketing Your Motion Graphic

Motion graphics are exploding in popularity on the web — which means that a lot of marketers are integrating motion graphics into their online campaigns for the first time. But what are the best strategies for online marketing using motion graphics? We asked one of our regular clients, Jeffery Dempsey of Carrington College, to offer his insights based on his most recent project — a motion graphic that outlines the history of vaccines and explains…

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5 Tips for Bringing Your Puppy to the Office


Seattle has got to be one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Yelp lists about 94 doggie daycares in and around Seattle, but just as often, you’ll see people bringing their dogs and cats to work. One of the top benefits of working at small companies and startups like app development company 47 degrees and our Fremont neighbor, True Fabrications, is the opportunity to work alongside our furry friends. (Check out some cute…

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From Indonesia With Dysentery, Part 3 of 3


The two-week race was a blur of breakdowns, police encounters, briberies, hospitable Indonesians, collisions, and, above all, adventure. Röta loved to hate us. She broke down every other hour, but we fell in love each time she rose to the occasion, started up, and carried us over mountains, through jungles, and across the country – although, 2,000 km of the race was spent on the back of a truck. The emotions overpowered as we approached…

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From Indonesia with Dysentery, Part 2 of 3


Christening our ride was the primary objective. “Rot” is German for “red”; “roto,” Spanish for “broken”. Being the terminally ill, red beauty she was, it took but 30 seconds of discussion to agree on calling her “Röta.” I suppose if we were seeking linguistic accuracy, the name should really have been “Röto,” but Röta is a lady and there’s no denying that. I hold the umlaut’s worth as self-evident. We built her a roof rack,…

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From Indonesia With Dysentery, Part 1 of 3


Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Josh Miles, a Notorious KIG! One year ago, I set off on what was going to be the most ridiculous, dangerous, and exciting month of my life. Here’s part one of a three-part series chronicling the adventure: It only took a few beers before I foolheartedly accepted an offer to flee the States, crab walk across the sands of Bali, and race a moto-rickshaw against some 20 other teams over…

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What Happens When the Government Shuts Down?

When researching infographics, using reputable sources is a must… well it’s a must if you want to ensure quality. At Killer Infographics, we spend a lot of our time on government websites like gathering data and information that ensures our infographics not only tell great stories, but also a factual one. Today though, we’re at a loss. Why? Because when the government shuts down, so do their websites! Who would’ve thought that a shutdown…

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Killer Infographics Records 44% Year-Over-Year Growth Through the First Half of 2013


Well, we’ve been around for nearly 3 years now and finally decided to writeup a press release. Since this was our first foray into the world of PR, we figured it was worth sharing with our readers! Check out our press release that recounts our many wins during the first half of 2013. We’ll do our best to keep you posted during the last half of the year as well! ______________________________ Killer Infographics, creators of…

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Where to Share: 7 Ways to Share Your Infographic with the World


Whether you’re trying to spread the word on an exciting new project or share your insights on an important social issue, an infographic can help — as long as you know the most effective ways to share it. At Killer Infographics, we’ve created thousands of viral infographics in just a few years. Here’s what we’ve learned about how to ensure your infographic gets the attention it deserves. 1. Share on social media If you’re not…

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5 Ways to Build a Link-Worthy Infographic


Do you share advertisements on your personal Facebook page, or tweet links to whitepapers? Come on, let’s be honest: Even if you’re a marketer by trade, when you’re off the clock advertisements are rarely something you go out of your way to share with friends and family. But that doesn’t mean that when you’re on the clock, there’s no way to make your message link-worthy. You don’t just want to grab their attention — you…

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Our Geeky Office Infographic: A Look Into the Killer Crib


Killer Infographics has been nominated for Geekwire’s Geekiest Office Space, a new award in their annual Startup Awards competition. While it’s quite a funny award, it’s one we are very proud to be in the running for as we have spent our nights and weekends creating a space we all love to work in and this nomination is a testament to our collaborative efforts as a team. We are among 5 finalists out of hundreds…

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Vote Now: Killer Infographics Nominated for Geekwire’s Geekiest Office Space

It’s official: Killer Infographics is 1 of 5 nominees for Geekwire’s Geekiest Office Space and to win, WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Every year, hosts their startup awards here in Seattle and last year, while our company was still a young’n, we made it our goal to get nominated for an award in 2013! Of course, as over-achievers, now that we’ve been nominated we want to go one step further and win! Please CLICK HERE…

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Killer Infographics is Speaking at Adobe MAX


What’s it like to attend an Adobe MAX conference? It’s like guest-starring as one of the good fighter pilots on Battlestar Galactica. It’s like a World of Warcraft marathon where Valor Points are awarded in the form of Pringles. It’s like you got zapped back in time just to attend the Bauhaus design school and wear fedoras before they were hipster. So what’s it like to be invited to speak at an Adobe MAX conference?…

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Office Siege

Office Siege

Each Spring, we here at Killer Infographics plot new and more dangerous pranks for April Fool’s Day. Possible ideas this year included releasing a herd of bison in the break room, hiding noise-activated confetti cannons under every desk, or just bursting the water main. For the sake of keeping our jobs, we fortunately elected to create a giant cardboard labyrinth of Daedalus proportions in the office. Plans for pressure-plate activated booby traps, a holy grail…

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Killer Makeover: How Changing Offices Took Our Look from Drab to Fab!

 As a toddler company (two years old and growing all the time), Killer Infographics has already called several small offices home. With the humble beginnings of our self-funded startup, our first office meant taking over the guest room of Nick Grant’s (Killer Infographics’ co-founder and Chief Rainmaker) Ballard town home. After just a few months, it was time to start hiring, so we moved (up??) to  a closet-sized space above a delicious Ballard Mexican restaurant…

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Creating a Space for Ideas: How We Have Built Our Killer Culture


A typical day at a startup like Killer Infographics can get pretty hectic. By their very nature, startups demand employees that are proactive and adaptable, willing to pick up just about any task as it comes along. So we stay busy, and the result is that, yeah, sometimes people get stressed. And this has the potential to create an environment where concerns don’t get addressed, or employees don’t have the time or the forum to…

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GeekWire Ping-Pong & Anniversary Bash: Our Tales of Joy and Woe

GeekWire Ping Pong

Wednesday night was GeekWire’s annual ping-pong tournament and the Killer team showed up in full force to cheer on our Senior Content Specialist and Digital Producer, Josh Miles, seen here in his trademark ping pong tourney gear! Don’t let his outfit fool you though; Josh’s paddle only graced one table that evening, so the Killer team did not get the comeback we’d been dreaming of since last year’s loss (curses!). But hey, the evening was…

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Welcome to Killer Infographics Design And Our Brand Spankin’ New Site!

killer infographics new website design

Here at Killer Infographics, we’re freakin’ busy. How busy… and what are we busy with? This whole “new website” thing. We started working on this in July… and here it is! In November. Fashionably late, right? PAC. Not PAC-MAN! We’re formulating our Protective Analytics Container (PAC) to secure better promotion and distribution with thorough tracking to ensure you get the links you deserve. Wearing hats. Not like we have a daily hat try-on sesh (though…

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