Office Siege

Each Spring, we here at Killer Infographics plot new and more dangerous pranks for April Fool’s Day. Possible ideas this year included releasing a herd of bison in the break room, hiding noise-activated confetti cannons under every desk, or just bursting the water main. For the sake of keeping our jobs, we fortunately elected to create a giant cardboard labyrinth of Daedalus proportions in the office.

Plans for pressure-plate activated booby traps, a holy grail of gummy worms, and a fully-functional wine fountain tickled our dreams. With hearts full of excitement and heads full of nonsensical architecture, Alaina, Alex, Eric, Ashley, and yours truly set about realizing our vision over the weekend.

Unfortunately, we overestimated our cardboard gathering capabilities. As Admiral Adama is so fond of saying, “Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.” None of us really knows what that means, but I think it’s quite fitting. We made the tough call to abandon the maze and instead annoy Amy with a beautiful cardboard castle, replete with portcullis, drawbridge, and planter box, built around her desk.

In a cacophony of efficiency and laughter, we erected the walls, hoisted the flag, and shingled the shingles. As everyone knows, it’s the little details that complete the package. If you look close, you can just make out the little cardboard rivets on the portcullis and see the wagon full of hay out front.

After spending five hours in the stuffy office on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, we finally stumbled out into the 68 degree weather. I don’t think I was alone in wondering who really got pranked: Amy, who enjoyed the sunny weekend and now has an awesome fortress to work in, or we who toiled away over the weekend.

Then again, we have yet to deploy the trebuchets. Let the siege begin!

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