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Today Killer Visual Strategies released a new ebook designed to help marketers develop a visual language for their next campaign. “Visual Language for Marketers: 2 Steps to Higher Campaign Engagement” offers insights from real visual communication designers, experts in everything from social-media micronarratives to motion graphics to interactive infographics.

Your Visual Marketing Strategy Needs a Boost 

The way we use and communicate with visual content changes every day. Different trends emerge, new social platforms pop up, and audience preferences can shift quickly. 

That’s why it’s so important that every marketer stay agile — aware of these wind changes and ready to adapt quickly without sacrificing quality or compromising your goals. 

Developing a visual language for every marketing campaign you undertake can ensure that each campaign feels relevant to its target audience. Whether it’s selling a new product, increasing your social following, or premiering a new service, a well-designed visual language will provide the neccessary structure for sharing your brand and visual content with the world. 

In this ebook, you’ll learn a 2-step process for designing an effective, goal-driven visual language for each campaign you deploy. 

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Advice from Real Visual Communication, Motion Graphic, & Infographic Designers 

We developed our latest ebook in collaboration with our team of skilled visual communication designers here at Killer Visual Strategies. The ebook features specific, actionable recommendations from multiple members of our design team, each with 5+ years of experience in the field. 

What makes a visual communication designer different? While designers are trained in creating stunning works of art, relatively few are skilled at communicating information visually in a way that’s not only accurate, but that communicates the underlying message in a compelling manner. 

Think about it: how many beautiful designs have you seen that contain inaccurate data visualizations, or illustrations that aren’t really true to the facts? Visual communication designers are trained in avoiding these common errors, whether they’re creating infographics, motion graphics, or other visual content.

What’s more, our design team at Killer looks at each project with a marketer’s eye. We know not only what will look great, but also what will perform best with your target audience.

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Ready to develop a visual language that will make your next marketing campaign a success? Download “Visual Language for Marketers: 2 Steps to Higher Campaign Engagement” for free today.

Erin McCoy

Author Erin McCoy

Erin McCoy is director of content marketing and public relations at Killer Visual Strategies. She earned her BA in Spanish with minors in French and Russian, and holds 2 master’s degrees from the University of Washington: an MFA in creative writing and an MA in Hispanic literature. She has won nearly 2 dozen awards in photojournalism, and has dedicated those skills to boosting Killer’s brand recognition and thought leadership in visual communication. Since Erin took on her marketing/PR role, Killer has been named a member of the Inc. 5000 for 4 years in a row; has been featured in such publications as Inc., Forbes, Mashable, and the Huffington Post; and has been invited to present at such conferences as SXSW and SMX Advanced.

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