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Visual Language for Millennials
Millennials account for nearly 1/4 of the U.S. population, making them a highly sought-after generation for brand marketing. Possessing an annual purchasing power of $1.3 trillion, this demographic is setting new marketing standards around the globe. As you build out a marketing strategy for targeting these creative consumers, consider adding these often overlooked visual strategies to your repertoire.

Information overload

Keep It Visual
Because we’re in an age where access to information is readily available, millennials often overlook text-dominant information. In fact, 41% of millennials struggle with information overload, as opposed to just 31% of baby boomers and Gen-Xers. In an online world saturated with text, establish yourself as a leader in your field by offering clear visual communication for stimulating and effectively communicating with millennials’ creative and visual minds.

  • While building out your content, consider spreading your ideas across multiple pieces of content, not just one visual.
  • Combine concise information with complementary visuals, and distribute your pieces across multiple social platforms.

Be Aware of Consumption Habits
From lifehacks to vlogs, it’s evident that millennials prefer educational, engaging, and shareable visual content. Five out of six millennials in the US connect with companies on social media networks. If you interact with millennials on social media like friends, you may find yourself reaching a broader audience. In addition to shareability, you must optimize your content for a streamlined mobile experience. Because though more than 75% of internet-connected adults now use both mobile and desktop, 1 in 5 millennials access the internet exclusively through mobile devices.

  • Post your content on social to communicate with audiences your messaging might not reach otherwise.
  • Create lasting relationships with your audience by engaging with them on social, to influence potential buyers of your product or service.
  • To secure the brand-loyalty of present and future generations, your visual content must be designed for both mobile and desktop.

Be Genuine
Because this demographic grew up with exposure to digital, they exhibit behaviors that reflect their technological upbringing. Millennials are highly informed and research product and services diligently, such that only 6% of millennials in the US consider online advertising to be credible. Millennials want to hear success stories from other buyers, not advertisements. Mediums that once conveyed information in the past, like stock images, for example, no longer work in the present. They are seen as cliche, and can actually downplay your brand’s credibility. As you’re trying to align your branding with a millennial audience, create original, visual content that focuses on why you’re selling your product or service, not what you’re selling.

  • Keep your audiences engaged by ensuring that your marketing materials retain originality.
  • In your marketing messaging, highlight the “Why” of your product, rather than the “What”.

Millennials make up 35% of the workforce. As these trend-setting innovators mature, millennials will continue influencing purchasing decisions, B2C relationships, and brand loyalty. If you’re looking to change your marketing strategy to align with this thriving demographic, you should no longer be asking “How many people can I reach with my message;” instead, ask, “How do I create proper messaging for the right audience?” Start thinking visually, and you’ll start thinking like a millennial.

How are you changing your marketing strategy to align with millennial behaviors? Leave a comment below!

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