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Behind every successful company is a talented team of individuals, each with their own unique skill set and talents. New team members shouldn’t just have great work experience and scholastic merit, they should fit within the company culture. With fewer than 30 employees, Killer Infographics is a unique collective of illustrators, writers, gamers, and most importantly, creative thinkers.

Company culture especially plays an important part in the startup world. Startups everywhere are embracing innovative work models, and collaborative spaces are a must when outfitting an office. While the old adage “work hard, play hard” might have carried some weight in the past, many startups are now emphasizing having fun while working hard. Killer’s newest design project manager, Lauren Cunningham, says that what she enjoys most about the culture at Killer Infographics is the comfortable atmosphere and the emphasis on cooperation and teamwork.

Glamorous office perks and a fancy space are great, but company culture comes from the individuals who are a part of it.  At its core, the hallmarks of a great culture are team unity, a great sense of humor, and above all, a firm belief in the company’s mission and values. For more information, stop by our about us page to get to know the Killer team.

Eric Tra

Author Eric Tra

Eric Tra is the marketing director at Killer Visual Strategies. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Eric received degrees in marketing and fine art from Gonzaga University. After graduating, he moved to Seattle with the hopes of of pursuing a career in the city’s thriving tech community. Since earning a position at Killer Visual Strategies at the beginning of 2013, he has been at the forefront of all marketing activities within the company, including content strategy, lead generation, and social media management. Some of Eric’s other strengths in the office are geared toward internal project management; he currently leads the development of content pieces such as blog posts, ebooks, and more.

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