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In our increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise that online attention spans are short. Motion graphics, different than traditional video, offer attention-grabbing methods for connecting with audiences. But how do you know whether or not your motion graphic is succeeding? In this post, we’ll talk with Josh Miles, our Creative Director, to learn more about measuring success with motion graphics.

ROI of Motion Graphics Traffic

Q: Why invest in a motion graphic? What makes it a unique marketing tool?

A: Motion graphics provide the opportunity to craft a narrative that speaks directly to your most important audience in a way they will understand and connect with, better than any other medium. We know that our brains translate visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Motion graphics build on these principles to create a robust and engaging experience by weaving in additional elements of narrative: voiceover, original music compositions, and sound design. All the viewer has to do is click play and enjoy the show to become immersed in a story.

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Q: What are the different uses for motion graphics?

A: At their core, motion graphics explain information visually. For some, that might mean introducing new HR initiatives to a large workforce; for others, it might mean showing off a new product to wider audiences. We also see motion graphics used as an educational tool, woven into video footage in order to further explicate a key point or message. Whatever the end goal, motion graphics offer a flexible and ever-evolving way to explain your information through visual communication.

Q: How do motion graphics complement a visual campaign?

A: No piece of visual content is an island. Your brand will meet with the most success if it leverages a diverse array of visual content delivered across a variety of mediums. We are at a point where audiences demand that all communication be visual, so brands can no longer rely on a “one and done” marketing philosophy. While the creation of a single motion graphic can deliver on your goals, for greatest impact and engagement, you need to create an entire visual communication campaign replete with infographics, micro-narratives, interactive experiences, and more, that all live within a single creative direction working together to further your goals.

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Q: What’s the difference between a successful and unsuccessful motion graphic?

A: Just a few short years ago, a significant number of customers would come to me with a request for a motion graphic that would “go viral,” without really reflecting on whether or not that was the best result for their key initiatives. While we have had success creating viral content, we’ve learned that what really matters is getting your message to the right audience — even if that’s an audience of just a handful of people. Successful motion graphics (and all visual communication, when executed properly) empower you to speak correctly to the correct audience.

Our client Streamline Water understood this need, and came to us looking for a solution to help visualize their message for the right audience. They are solving a problem most people don’t realize they have: older-style water coolers are often breeding grounds for infectious disease, and Streamline Water’s state-of-the-art water-cooler technology provides a safer, cleaner, and healthier alternative. To help sell this technology to Streamline Water’s customers, we first developed a motion graphic that educated the audience on the potential negative consequences of continuing to use these outdated technologies, and then introduced the positive results of using Streamline Water’s product. Streamline Water then loaded this video onto small video playing devices and left them in the hands of key decision makers at offices all over their operating region.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Increased leads by 90%
  • Decreased pitch time by 20 minutes
  • Increased conversion rates from 10% to 50%

As for practicing what we preach, I’m currently drinking a refreshing glass of water straight from our Streamline cooler.

ROI of motion graphics 80% stat

Q: How can motion graphics complement a business’s marketing strategy?

A: Integrating video into a marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways for an organization to not only increase comprehension but also help increase overall engagement of their product or service. It’s most often the first touchpoint by site visitors, followed by any form of data visualization and, finally, any text-based content.

Top 5 metrics motion graphics improve:

  • Conversion rates
  • Time on site
  • Clickthrough rates
  • Social shares
  • Engagement

A successful motion graphic speaks visually and effectively to the target audience, working to increase engagement, encourage action, and impact change. Focusing on creating a targeted message for a specific audience can create increased shares, conversions, and better engagement for your company. Have more questions about motion graphics? Let us know below!

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