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One of the most common questions clients have when looking into creating visual content is,  “How much is this going to cost?” It might seem like a simple question, but there’s actually a lot that goes into pricing a project, whether it’s a single deliverable or a robust visual campaign

No two problems are alike, and that’s why no two projects or campaigns are alike either. Every engagement with our clients — even with one of our many returning clients — is unique and results in a unique visual strategy and suite of deliverables. 

Let’s take a look at how Killer prices creative projects, and what factors affect the cost of some typical types of content.   

Does Killer Visual Strategies charge a flat rate, or hourly?

To ensure transparency and a high-quality experience for our clients, Killer does not charge an hourly rate for projects. Instead, we offer flat-rate pricing. 

We price projects at a flat rate so that our clients and their stakeholders know what their project is going to cost before work even starts. Unlike with hourly pricing, you don’t have to worry about incurring additional costs every time you pick up the phone to call your project team.

What factors affect the pricing of my project?

Because Killer develops a unique solution for every project, pricing can vary widely. While there is no set price point for any project, there are a number of tangible components that impact pricing directly.

All Projects  

Whether we’re producing a single asset or a whole campaign, these factors may affect pricing. 

  • Content: As we explore the right strategy for your engagement, we’ll learn how much time our content team should invest in researching and writing your content.
  • Illustration: Detailed technical illustrations require more time to produce than more simplified, abstract visualizations. Some projects require a highly illustrative approach as the dominant visual element, while others use illustration sparingly.
  • Revisions: A key component of our flat-rate pricing is accounting for revisions ahead of time. All projects include a set amount of time for revisions, customizable based on the needs of your project and your stakeholders. 
  • Timeline: We work on accelerated timelines with many of our clients. Each project’s flat rate accounts for the unique turnaround time required to hit your deadline, taking into account additional resources, evening and weekend work, and more. 

The more complex the deliverable, the more elements we need to consider when it comes to finding the right price. Let’s take a look at how Killer determines pricing for the motion graphics and interactive content we produce. 

Video and Motion Graphics

  • Length: While it may seem obvious, the longer a video or motion graphic is, the more it’s going to cost. A 30-second video takes less time to write, design, animate, and produce than a 2-minute video, and will therefore cost less.
  • Music and sound design: Sometimes it’s not necessary to invest in custom music for your motion graphic, especially in situations where it might be hard to hear the video — for instance, if it’s played in a busy conference hall. But for most videos, audio is an incredibly important tool. A custom score and sound design will always outperform a stock music track.
  • Animation direction: Different types of animation have different levels of complexity. Features like extensive character animation require intricate, frame-by-frame animation, and take a longer time to produce. 
  • Live-action footage: A full production shoot to gather live-action footage for your video can increase the cost. If that’s not in your budget, pre-filmed footage can be a less expensive way to add live-action elements.  

Interactive Content

  • Interactivity and functionality: As the level of interactivity increases, so can the total project cost. Each interactive element (such as modals, accordions, tooltips, user inputs, etc) will add to the amount of wireframe, design, and development time required to produce your project. 
  • Animation and parallax effects: Adding animated elements and parallax effects increases engagement. Simple introductory animations or looping animations don’t require too much extra time and effort. More complex scenarios, like animated scenes or a set of choreographed reveals to illustrate a point, can add hours or days to a project but may be well worth it to achieve make sure users get the right message from your site.
  • Updatability: We often produce interactive dashboards where clients need to update information quarterly or yearly. We can build these dashboards to draw data from a spreadsheet, allowing the client to update the data as often as they need. Building this framework requires additional development time.

There’s a Story for Every Budget

Killer Visual Strategies works with clients of all sizes, from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients trust us to recommend the best, most effective visual strategies to solve their communication challenges. 

Our focus is always on finding the best way to tell your story. We want to cultivate a long-term partnership built on mutual trust and respect, and we always strive to be good stewards of our clients’ budgets. 

Kameron Walsh

Author Kameron Walsh

Kameron Walsh is an account coordinator at Killer Visual Strategies. Originally from Southern California, she spent six years in Philadelphia before making her way back to the West Coast to call Seattle home. She has a BS in photography, a minor in English literature, and a passion for gallery walls, books, and spreadsheets. Through her previous experiences as an education coordinator at a photography resource center and a project manager and content specialist at a marketing agency, she discovered her love for working directly with clients to build lasting relationships and create the best possible client experience. From your very first conversation with Killer to the kickoff of your first (or tenth) project and beyond, Kameron will work with the director of client success, your account manager, and your project team to ensure that your goals are kept top-of-mind every step of the way.

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