Killer Infographics Changes Its Name to Killer Visual Strategies

Killer Visual Strategies name-change

It’s been 9 years since Killer Infographics was founded. During that time, our team has grown from 2 founders to 29 designers, researchers, writers, project managers, animators, and developers. We’ve occupied 6 different offices to accommodate our growth, starting in a Ballard, Seattle, townhouse (if you can count that as an office!) and finally graduating to our current, centrally located Capitol Hill office space in 2015.

We’ve also expanded our service offerings far beyond only infographics. From motion graphics to annual reports to interactive dashboards, Killer now focuses first and foremost on creating the right visual strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. So, for most of the last 9 years, the name “Killer Infographics” hasn’t fully communicated who we really are as a company.

That’s why, as of today, Killer is excited to announce that we’ve changed our name: Killer Infographics will now be known as Killer Visual Strategies.

Why ‘Killer Visual Strategies’?

“This name-change is long overdue,” said Amy Balliett, CEO and co-founder of Killer. “The name ‘Killer Visual Strategies’ not only communicates the huge variety of visual media we produce on a daily basis, it’s also a better reflection of the services side of our business.”

Foremost among those services is working alongside Killer’s clients to develop a custom visual strategy for each multimedia campaign. An effective visual strategy is a clearly defined plan designed to ensure that every piece of collateral in a campaign accurately conveys the client’s message, properly portrays their brand, and effectively connects with their target audience.

“We prioritize creating long-term partnerships with our clients so we can really understand their industry and their goals,” Balliett explained. “Then we recommend custom visual strategies optimized for each client’s unique needs. We’re focused on customer service and strategic solutions, and that’s what makes us different.”

The name-change announcement is just the latest in a series of exciting announcements this year. In January, Killer Infographics announced its merger with Kelton Global, a strategic consultancy that has worked with such brands as Target and Google. That merger has made Killer all the more eager to expedite the name change, to fully reflect all that Killer and Kelton can achieve for their clients.

“Killer Infographics represents only a small fraction of Killer’s incredibly diverse and powerful offerings; Killer Visual Strategies says it all,” said Tom Bernthal, CEO of Kelton.

How Will This Affect Killer’s Clients?

The short answer to this question is that the name-change probably won’t affect you at all.

But the long answer is, it might actually make your life easier! In the past, we made extra efforts to educate our clients on the fact that we create much more than infographics. The confusion, of course, was caused by our old name. Our clients, in turn, have sometimes had to explain the same thing to some of their stakeholders.

With our new name, though, it should be easier to explain to your boss why you’re working with us — even if infographics aren’t a part of your current visual communication campaign!

The services that we offer and our focus on providing a great client experience will not change at all. You’ll just be seeing the new name on our ebooks, our social media sites, our website, our SOWs, our wireframes, and other materials going forward. Apart from the name-change, our logo remains the same. And we’re still Killer!

In fact, in partnership with Kelton, we’re offering a broader range of services than ever. Kelton is a strategic consultancy that helps its clients solve marketing communications, branding, and innovation challenges. Killer’s clients can now access Kelton’s strategic insights capabilities. Killer Visual Strategies and Kelton will collaborate to develop a solutions-oriented and fully custom brand and visual strategy for each of our clients. For the first time, organizations can access all of these services in a streamlined process, working with just one agency.

As Killer Visual Strategies, we’re looking forward to continued growth and innovation in the visual communication and visual strategy space. Most of all, we’re excited to pass along these benefits to our clients — and to continue growing together.

Erin McCoy

Author Erin McCoy

Erin McCoy is director of content marketing and public relations at Killer Visual Strategies. She earned her BA in Spanish with minors in French and Russian, and holds 2 master’s degrees from the University of Washington: an MFA in creative writing and an MA in Hispanic literature. She has won nearly 2 dozen awards in photojournalism, and has dedicated those skills to boosting Killer’s brand recognition and thought leadership in visual communication. Since Erin took on her marketing/PR role, Killer has been named a member of the Inc. 5000 for 4 years in a row; has been featured in such publications as Inc., Forbes, Mashable, and the Huffington Post; and has been invited to present at such conferences as SXSW and SMX Advanced.

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