Killer Returns to Seattle Interactive Conference

Killer Returns to Seattle Interactive Conference Killer Infographics

The Seattle Interactive Conference gathers entrepreneurs, developers, and online business professionals to network and stay up to date on industry happenings. Each year, an advisory board of twenty-eight industry leaders ensures that the conference maintains its engaging reputation. Timely conference panel topics include e-commerce, social media, gaming, interactive advertising, and more.

Hometown Tech Pride
SIC draws a national community of technology leaders to Seattle, setting the stage for the city to spotlight our innovative and collaborative culture. The conference takes place during an exciting time in the fall: it usually is sandwiched between the Geekwire Summit and Seattle Startup Week, filling a fall calendar with a number of tech events that emphasize and energize Seattle’s tech culture. It’s an exciting time for the city, and it always reminds us at Killer of the vibrancy that we’re a part of.

Killer Infographics at SIC
2016 marks Killer’s fourth year participating at SIC, one of CEO and co-founder Amy Balliett’s favorite conferences. 

Killer at Seattle Interactive Conference Killer Infographics

For Amy, “SIC falls during a month when I focus on Seattle and hometown achievement. Even if I’m traveling the rest of the year, it gives me the chance to see and hear from colleagues in the local as well as the national tech community.”

Amy has spoken each year on different aspects of visual communication, opening some avenues of communication into different trends and tactics in the industry.

In the Record Books: Past Presentations

  • 2013: Dos and Don’ts of Infographic Design
  • 2014: Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication
  • 2015: The Future of Visual Communication

This year, Amy’s session, “Speak Visually: How to Build a Visual Campaign That Will Get Your Audience Talking,” will focus on visual communication campaigns and their benefits in building connections with an audience. Key points include how to target any current marketing pitfalls and how visual communication can help; how to identify and create visual pieces with high ROI; and more. Find out more at the session: 9:30 AM on Tuesday, Oct. 18, on Level 3, Tahoma 1 of the Conference Center.

For more information on the sessions and speakers, read more here, and if you’re at SIC, find us and say hello! We’re always looking to connect with our peers in the tech community. If you can’t make it but still want to reach out, send us a message.

Abi Pollokoff

Author Abi Pollokoff

Abi Pollokoff is the Director of Content for Killer Infographics. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to Seattle in 2014 from New Orleans. With a BA in English, French, and Italian and an MFA in Poetry, she is dedicated to exploring the nuances and possibilities of language. Before joining Killer, Abi spent time as a writing instructor as well as the associate editor at a book-publishing company. These experiences bolster Abi’s work with Killer and enable her to write for diverse audiences, and she strives to apply this perspective to target the unique goals of every Killer project. Abi enjoys developing strong working relationships with clients and creating a human connection through the writing process.

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