Why Your eBooks Should Look More Like Infographics

By February 25, 2020 eBook Design

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According to inmoment’s 2018 consumer research, 80% of consumers develop brand loyalty over time, thanks to the cumulative impact of interactions with your company. eBooks can make your brand more trustworthy, especially if they’re deployed as a part of your content marketing strategy. However, many ebooks lack the professional, visual-first design that make so many other types of visual content — from infographics to motion graphics — so engaging. 

Make sure your ebooks pull their weight and support positive customer interactions. Here’s how to take a visual-first approach to your next ebook.

The Power of Visual Content

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Text is a thing of the past. You might be reading this blog post (or maybe you’re skimming), but your eye also is most likely hopping from visual to visual — and you’re not alone. Visuals communicate more powerfully and more efficiently than text.

The combination of visuals and text even creates better memory recall — in fact, 65% recall after 3 days, compared to just 10% for text. Letting your ebooks capitalize on this phenomenon will ensure your brand and your information stays in people’s minds.

So, approach ebook creation as you would any other piece of visual communication — and even seek out inspiration in infographics, interactive sites, and other types of content. Your end result will have a better chance of reaching your intended audiences.

From Information to Communication

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eBooks can serve many purposes as part of your marketing strategy. No matter if you’re explaining a product or releasing results from a new survey, keeping your information visual will ensure that it communicates clearly and quickly.

With most ebooks, you can follow the same visual communication best practices that you’d apply in designing infographics:

  • Percentages or complex data sets? Use data visualization such as pie charts
  • Bullet points or qualitative info? Use icons
  • Introductory or explanatory text? Keep it brief

Applying an infographic-inspired approach to your ebook design will ensure that you make the most of the space you have, and that the final product is both professional and engaging..

Make an Impact with Professional eBook Design

Likewise, as with any infographic, you want your ebook to visually reflect your company. That’s why you’ll want to make sure it either follows the visual identity for your brand as a whole, or reflects the art direction of your particular campaign.. This will help to boost brand recognition and credibility. 

Many sites today offer graphics packages that supply icons and data visualization basics. These stock sites are a quick fix, but they can also do your brand a disservice. Because they aren’t custom-made for you, they can position you as a part of the crowd — not as a standout brand. Professional ebook design requires custom visuals (and a great cover!), helping you stand out and stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

Ask If Your Infographic Partner Can Support eBook Design

If you’re ready to rethink your ebook creation, ask your infographic partner about their capabilities. Working with a team with whom you have an established rapport can help you keep your brand in good hands. What’s more, trained visual communication professionals will be able to optimize infographic best practices for your ebook.

With all of these practices in place, you’ll be on the right track to launch an ebook that communicates effectively, efficiently, and — most of all — visually.

Abi Pollokoff

Author Abi Pollokoff

Abi Pollokoff is the Director of Content for Killer Infographics. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to Seattle in 2014 from New Orleans. With a BA in English, French, and Italian and an MFA in Poetry, she is dedicated to exploring the nuances and possibilities of language. Before joining Killer, Abi spent time as a writing instructor as well as the associate editor at a book-publishing company. These experiences bolster Abi’s work with Killer and enable her to write for diverse audiences, and she strives to apply this perspective to target the unique goals of every Killer project. Abi enjoys developing strong working relationships with clients and creating a human connection through the writing process.

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