How to Produce a Brand Introduction Video They’ll Never Forget

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Brand introduction videos and other branded video content have always been a powerful tool for connecting with your audiences. But as digital channels have taken first priority in most organizations’ marketing strategies, branded video is more timeless, accessible, and effective than ever. 

Want to see just how much brand videos have come to dominate the market? Take a look at how much the medium has grown in the past five years. Back in 2015, only 33% of surveyed marketers said they earned a return on their investment from using video as a marketing tool. But in 2020, 88% reported finding positive ROI from video — well over 2x as many. What’s more, marketers who use video today not only plan to continue using it (99% say this), but will be maintaining or even increasing their video spend (95% say this). 

Granted, the most recent portion of this survey was taken in December 2019. As we know, that’s before the true face of 2020 unfolded. However, video is still one of the most impactful ways that we see brands weather the storms this year has unleashed. In fact, this may be all the more true as people spend more time at home. That’s because we’re now engaging with brands in mostly digital and virtual spaces. 

Let’s look at the different approaches your brand can take to produce a highly engaging motion graphic or video that introduces your organization to the world. Then we’ll explore what approach might make the most sense for your brand.

What Is a Brand Introduction Video?

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Before we begin, let’s take a moment to define a key term. Your organization can use branded video content for all sorts of purposes. For instance, you might want to produce an explainer video to outline how to use your product or service. You could produce a video that advertises a new offering or shares exciting news. Or you may want to tell the story of your company’s impact on the people or customers it serves. The possibilities are limitless. 

But a brand introduction video is the motion graphic or video that you’re most likely to share again and again. Why? Because whether it’s telling a story or explaining your product, it’s the #1 thing you want potential customers to see. It explains who you are and what you do on a fundamental level. And for this reason, it probably lives at the top of your home page. 

There are many forms a brand introduction video might take. Let’s explore.

3 Types of Motion Graphics

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Firstly, let’s clear up the similarities and differences between videos and motion graphics. A video is a general name for a piece of content that’s either fully live-action or fully animated, or a mix of the two. A motion graphic is a subset of video: it only refers to videos that are at least partially, if not fully, animated. Check out our complete guide to motion graphics to learn about these nuances in more depth.

Motion graphics and other branded video content typically fall within 1 of 3 categories:

  • Emotive: Designed to make the audience feel something.
  • Explainer: Designed to help the audience understand something.
  • Promotional: Designed to motivate the audience to make a purchase decision.

A brand introduction video could fall into any of these categories. Yet, not all of them are necessarily the right choice for your business. Your video could be too emotive for your brand’s fundamental product or service offering and come off as insincere — or it could be too cold for a serious or exciting topic. It could explain more detail than your audience cares to know — or be too vague and lose their interest. It could be too salesy — or not self-promotional enough to really hook your viewer. So let’s explore the types of brands that could find success with each narrative angle.

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

Choosing the Right Approach for Your Brand Introduction Video

While every brand is unique, all organizations fit into broad structural and industry categories. And where your business sits within them can help define the appropriate approach not just for your brand introduction video, but for your branded video content as a whole. So here are some scenarios in which each type of video could be the right choice.

Emotive Videos & Motion Graphics

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Emotive videos and motion graphics are a great choice for many nonprofits, healthcare organizations, legal professionals, arts and entertainment, and lifestyle brands. And regardless of your industry, they work well for any companies focused on positive change. Essentially, if your brand’s primary drive is improving quality of life or fighting for what’s right, you do it because of a passion for helping others. And that passion can create a powerful emotive video. 

While you might at first think of emotive videos as chiefly sad or negative (think of those classic shelter animal commercials), they can also elicit happiness, excitement, and other positive emotions that endear audiences to your message. 

The right emotion for your emotive branded video content depends heavily on your unique story. Further, it must be selected carefully. This is especially true for a brand introduction video: when emotions are involved, this video can create a lasting impression of your brand — for better or worse.

Explainer Videos & Motion Graphics

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Explainer videos offer a perfect introduction to brands that are solving complex problems. Further, these brands may have created a service or product that needs some context in order for audiences to truly understand and appreciate its benefits. Some examples of industries whose brands might benefit from an explainer motion graphic or video include technology, financial services and banking, science, aviation and space, and manufacturing.

Yet, that’s certainly not an exhaustive list! Essentially, if you find that important components of your industry or your product/service offerings are often misunderstood at first, then an explainer introduction video could be your target audience’s ideal entry point to your brand.

Promotional Videos & Motion Graphics

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Promotional videos are created with the primary goal of driving sales. Of course, most marketing efforts have conversions as an end goal. But promotional videos are distinct in that they place this goal first and foremost. 

Promotional videos often highlight a specific service or product offering. But when they’re used as your brand introduction video, they can promote your overall brand as well. Typically, they share the challenges that a brand or its offerings help to solve, as well as the benefits of engaging with the brand or purchasing its products/services. 

Promotional videos are a strong choice for B2B and B2C brands, as well as for those operating in such verticals as automotive, food and beverage, marketing/advertising/PR, sports and outdoors, and much more.

Branded Video Content That Resonates

Choose the appropriate narrative approach for your brand introduction video or other branded video content at the start. It’s the best way to set yourself up for success. Why? The reason is simple: you’re prepared to tell the right story in the right way. Together with a strong creative direction, sound design, and more, your choice creates an unforgettable, impactful experience.

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