How to Design a Brochure or Poster to Promote Your Product

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It’s plain to see that we live in a highly digital world. The reality of that becomes even more apparent the longer the COVID-19 pandemic keeps so many of us from making unnecessary trips out of the house. We’ve all been forced to find ways to adapt to evolving priorities and ways of consuming information, and even new means of communicating with one another (all those Zoom calls, right?). Marketers, meanwhile, must innovate now more than ever. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer use classic service and product marketing materials such as poster and brochure design assets. Let’s explore how to make these materials as useful as ever in our new-normal world. 

Is Print Dead in 2020?

Brochure design for Downtown Seattle Association annual meeting

A brochure designed for the Downtown Seattle Association annual meeting.

You might be wondering: In a stay-at-home world, who’s exchanging print materials anymore? Well, mail advertising is actually having a big moment in 2020. Some 37% of consumers say they are more excited to check the mail now than they were before the pandemic. Even better, 30% are now spending more time reading through marketing and promotional materials that they receive in the mail. 

So while you may not be able to display a poster or hand out brochures at an in-person conference booth, you can mail a foldable poster or brochure design directly to the audiences who want your product or service. And, even better, you can be reasonably confident that they’ll be excited to receive it.

Beyond the Page: Digital Poster & Brochure Design

Woman on a tablet looking at digital content such as product brochure or poster designs

Who says that all brochures and posters must be printed — or even that all conferences must be in person? In fact, downloadable brochures and posters are proving to be highly engaging content for sharing at all-digital conferences. You can even create interactive experiences that let viewers “turn the page” on a brochure. 

On a larger scale, develop a virtual trade show booth to show off your product posters and brochure designs! This is an amazing digital alternative to the bustling expo halls of yesteryear. As more and more conferences announce virtual settings moving into 2021, stay ahead of the inevitable rush to complete your conference preparation by planning your virtual presence now.

Design Tips for Print or Digital Product Poster & Brochure Design

We now know that marketers can still use both print and digital posters as well as brochures to our advantage. But how do you create a truly effective and compelling design? Here are our top 3 tips.

  1. Use visual content. A brochure or poster that’s heavy on text and light on imagery might not achieve that level of excitement and engagement that we mentioned folks are experiencing with their mail during COVID-19. Instead of a reading assignment, show them something that highlights the relevance and benefits of your product or service through images. Icons, illustrations, photography, and data visualization are all great ways to do this! But don’t just purchase the first stock photo you find! Why not? Well …
  2. Invest in the right visual approach. Does your organization have established brand guidelines? How about your product or service offerings — do they each have their own visual languages to support what makes them unique? Rather than approaching each poster or brochure as a one-off piece, think about how to tie it in to your brand or campaign strategy. This helps with brand recognition and can also save you time by defaulting to decisions already made for your brand or product. This benefit is compounded if you’ve created a visual asset workbench
  3. Leverage custom design. Stock images aren’t just boring — in some cases they’re practically invisible to your viewers. So for your product poster, brochure, or really any other media to stand out, you need a custom design. Need proof? Custom designs convert 7x better compared to using stock. 

What ways are you getting creative with your marketing in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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