How Repurposing Content Drives Marketing Success on Any Budget

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Repurposing content is a valuable way to stretch your marketing budget further. But this approach isn’t just for small companies looking to make the most of their limited marketing funds. In the economic strain caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, every organization can benefit from the higher return on their investment that comes from repurposing visuals.

If your marketing budget has taken a hit as a result of COVID-19, you’re not alone. At the start of 2020, marketing budgets were mostly on par with what was being spent in 2019, according to Gartner. But by the time the impact of the pandemic was being fully felt in the United States, some 44% of CMOs reported cutting marketing budgets mid-year. And the same report reveals that nearly 60% of CFOs are building their budget plans with a second wave of COVID-19 infections in mind

So whether you’re on the optimistic or conservative side of these predictions, you may be considering how to stretch your dollars further in each area of your business. Let’s explore how to do this in a way that maximizes your budget, resonates with your audience, and boosts the impact of your work.

Dos & Don’ts of Repurposing Content

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When you begin to look at how to use your existing content in new ways, there are some cardinal rules to follow. And it’s important not to overlook these rules! A lack of planning and strategy might save you time up front, but your audience can spot this lack of preparation in the final product. This can cost you customers and result in bigger investments down the road. So, when looking to repurpose your content … 

  • Do consider creating other formats from the piece you’re starting with. Got a great motion graphic? Try a GIF or static social media content. What about interactive content that can’t be embedded on social media platforms? Break the content down into static infographics. Ultimately, with the right strategic approach, the content you end up with doesn’t have to be the same media type you started with.
  • Don’t confuse repurposing with simply reusing. In most cases, using 1 piece of content across multiple channels means you need to make adjustments. You’ll likely need to modify dimensions, file format, length, and more. Because of this, trying to reuse the exact same asset on a channel it wasn’t made for just won’t work. Consider this up front to avoid mishaps post-launch.
  • Do build repurposed content into your content planning phase. The most successful repurposed content is created with multiple platforms, formats, and iterations in mind from the start. In this way, the project team can make decisions for the primary content piece that can then be adapted for each use.
  • Don’t try reusing content created for 1 campaign in a different campaign. Why? Because each campaign’s goals, audience, and visual language should be customized for specific outcomes. This means the content for your Millennial-focused product push may not work well for your Generation Z audience. So only repurpose content within the campaign it was created for.

Top Ideas for Reinventing Your Content

Here are some common ways you might begin to reuse different types of visual marketing content.

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Try embedding infographics into emails, or making static or animated social content out of key stats for each of your primary social media platforms

eBooks, White Papers, & Other Reports

Summarize sections with infographics or mini-infographics, or create teaser videos to encourage downloads by highlighting key insights

Print Brochures

Reformat your brochure into a long-scroll infographic, or create mini infographics out of each section or fold to display separately

Motion Graphics & Video

Create short-form looping animated videos (commonly known as GIFs), or make banner images for your site from static scenes

Interactive Content

Try a screen recording of an interactive feature, or create mini-infographics out of popups or tooltips within the experience

If you’re not sure how to begin repurposing content, your creative content agency or partner can lead the way. But be open with them about your budget and goals. In this way, they’ll help devise a campaign or set of campaigns to get the most out of your investment. 

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