GeekWire Ping-Pong & Anniversary Bash: Our Tales of Joy and Woe

By March 8, 2013 August 4th, 2020 Company Culture & Teambuilding

Wednesday night was GeekWire’s annual ping-pong tournament and the Killer team showed up in full force to cheer on our Senior Content Specialist and Digital Producer, Josh Miles, seen here in his trademark ping pong tourney gear! Don’t let his outfit fool you though; Josh’s paddle only graced one table that evening, so the Killer team did not get the comeback we’d been dreaming of since last year’s loss (curses!). But hey, the evening was a blast anyway — said the sore losers.

Luckily, our team quickly found distractions from the loss and used the opportunity to show off our new Killer Infographics t-shirts in style. Our first team stop was at beer pong, which featured a KIG girls versus boys matchup, where Josh was finally vindicated from his aforementioned ping-pong mishap. (But just to be clear, it was not without a fight!)

From there, we went to the photo booth to take some of the sweet pics you see below. And finally, a trip to the Knoll booth was a must. Not only could we sit on some highly-coveted office chairs, but it was also a great opportunity to discuss how infographics about those chairs could be pretty cool… right?!

GeekWire holds some great local events here in Seattle and we feel super lucky when we find time to look up from our computers and attend them. If you ever end up at a GeekWire event, look for our crazy crew in our KIG tees. We’ll be the ones losing at ping pong.

Josh Miles

Author Josh Miles

Josh Miles is president and chief creative officer at Killer Visual Strategies. After a youth spent in the farmlands of NW Washington, he moved to Seattle to study English and philosophy, during which time he developed a passion for storytelling and narratology. He put this passion to work with a Seattle-based film production company, working on multiple award-winning productions before joining Killer Visual Strategies (then called Killer Infographics) in 2012. He has since held numerous positions within the company, always driven by the passion to craft visual communication that helps clients better connect with their audiences. He now works with the executive and creative teams to define Killer’s creative and strategic vision for the future, while also meeting with clients and project teams to identify creative solutions and build lasting partnerships.

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