Employee Spotlight: Lydia Nygren

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Name: Lydia Nygren
Title: Senior Project Manager

Job description:
I like to think of myself as the main communication hub for everyone involved in a project. It’s my job to oversee all of the details of the project, ensure the goals of the client are being met, and provide my team with everything they need to create awesome work.

How did you come to work at Killer Infographics?
A friend of mine saw the job posting online and thought the description sounded just like me. I replied to the ad, and here I am.

What do you enjoy most about working at Killer?
Definitely the people. I feel incredibly privileged to work at a company with such a supportive and enjoyable culture, and I am consistently offered snacks.

What has been your favorite project and why?
I’ve done a lot of work with the National Endowment for the Arts, which has been really interesting. We’ve done various static, interactive, and motion graphics for them on a variety of topics centered around the arts.

Apart from your work at Killer Infographics, what are some side projects or hobbies you have outside of the office?
I love to build. Before joining the Killer team earlier this year, I took a bit of a hiatus from my professional career to study carpentry. It was an incredible experience, and I never have to pay for custom shelving again.

Any special accomplishments/awards?
I won a leg wrestling contest at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011.

Favorite Lifehack?
Always bring a snack.

Eric Tra

Author Eric Tra

Eric Tra is the marketing director at Killer Visual Strategies. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Eric received degrees in marketing and fine art from Gonzaga University. After graduating, he moved to Seattle with the hopes of of pursuing a career in the city’s thriving tech community. Since earning a position at Killer Visual Strategies at the beginning of 2013, he has been at the forefront of all marketing activities within the company, including content strategy, lead generation, and social media management. Some of Eric’s other strengths in the office are geared toward internal project management; he currently leads the development of content pieces such as blog posts, ebooks, and more.

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