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When it comes to effective, lead-generating content, ebooks can be a useful tool for marketers for a variety of reasons. Ebooks are a fantastic resource for audiences who want to learn more about a specific topic or service. And for the brands that are publishing them, they offer an invaluable way to collect key insights on segments within their target audience. But not all marketers are deploying ebook marketing strategies that ensure their ebook gets the traffic it deserves.

This post will share some helpful visual marketing tips for ebooks as well as some general strategies brands can use to create a cohesive promotion strategy for any ebook.

1. Create a Road Map

Content strategy getting started

Building a preliminary strategy for your ebook is often an obvious first step, but it’s one that requires thorough planning, as there are a myriad of considerations and goals to think about. Helpful initial questions to ask could be:

  • What are your primary channels of distribution for your ebook campaign?
  • What is your budget for your distribution strategy?
  • What ebook marketing strategies have you seen other companies deploy effectively?
  • How long will this ebook campaign last?
  • When is the best time to launch a new ebook? (We’ll cover this later on in the post)

Reviewing your ebook promotion goals is a good place to start when answering these questions. Keep in mind that ebook campaigns can differ with each iteration.

When working through the initial strategy planning, seeking ways to be effective with minimal legwork is key. Tight on budget? Check to see if you have any partnerships with fellow companies that could help cross-promote your ebook. The more resources you can tap into, the better.

2. Timing Is Key

One of the most essential ebook marketing strategies for making your ebook releases more impactful is finding alignment with other, related releases and planning your ebook’s schedule around those dates. Leverage these opportunities to get increased visibility on your release. It’s efficient and it provides an easy way to get your ebook to a wider audience.

Take this scenario, for example: perhaps your company is hosting a session at an upcoming conference. This is a great opportunity to pair the presentation you’ve designed with a link to the ebook for the attendees. Chances are you won’t have to do much heavy lifting to promote here, as the audience at your session will have come because they’re already interested in what you have to say. (Of course, this tactic will be most effective if your presentation shares information that’s related to your ebook.)

In addition, a well-timed plug for your ebook in tandem with other content marketing efforts is great for providing supplemental content while  also building buzz about the ebook release itself. It’s a win-win!

Curious what visual communication can do for you?

3. Creating Teaser Content

Teaser content in this case might utilize short-form content or “microcontent”  to offer bite-sized snippets of your ebook with the goal of garnering interest and getting audiences to download. The most important thing to remember is to keep your promotional content consistent with your ebook.

Your ebook should be thoughtfully designed and therefore branding, color, and the overall design style will already be established. If this is the case, the design process for your teaser content should be streamlined, since the ebook can serve as a visual workbench from which you’ll  pull items such as stats, icons, and small visualizations.

For your teaser content to be successful, make sure to select strong standalone stats and illustrations. Try using one great stat paired with one related illustration. Choosing clear, custom-designed iconography or illustrations will help your content say more with less.

Remember not to give too much information away — just enough to grab the audiences’ attention without providing the full value of the ebook. Our recommendation would be to select 3–4 items from the ebook to highlight and turn into teasers. Be mindful of image sizes: check out this resource from Sprout Social to find up-to-date dimensions for each common social media platform.

Once designed, try incorporating your ebook’s teaser content into:

  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Ebook preview blog posts

4. Track, Measure, & Refine Your eBook Marketing Strategies

Building a long term content strategy

As with any marketing effort, it’s always a good practice to measure your efforts. Doing this will give you key insights on  what ebook marketing strategies to use in the future.

Here are some actionable steps to start measuring your content:

  • Track both outbound and internal activity to the page on which your ebook is hosted. This can be accomplished by using UTMs and a combination of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.
  • After each campaign, analyze the top-performing content using the data you collected in the previous step. There will be multiple variables that contribute to the effectiveness of your campaign, but knowing the main drivers of success is a good first step toward refining your approach in the future.
  • Identify any trends in your data that can help you formulate a road map for success the next time you launch an ebook campaign.

When planning your next ebook, take some time to consider these steps. Your audience will appreciate the extra effort. Just keep in mind that not all ebook marketing strategies will be the same; always review your goals to determine the right path for your campaign.

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