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Here at Killer, we’re dedicated to partnering with our clients to help them communicate visually. Over the course of 2017, we’ve worked with clients of kinds, with different goals and visual needs.

We’ve worked with clients on projects of all “sizes”…

Client Yearly Roundup SwissRe

We worked with SwissRe, a global insurance company, to help promote their new white paper with visuals. Along with an infographic, we transformed some art into GIFs for extra engagement and share-ability.

GIF length: 10 seconds

Local company Remitly was looking to keep their team engaged with their core competencies, so we worked with them on a suite of icons — to be used throughout their company materials — and murals for their new office walls.

Wall size: 6’½” x 8’2″

And helped companies engage their audiences.

Headset approached us to find a way to show how their insights into the cannabis industry can help businesses, and we captured their work’s impact through a motion graphic.

Key visuals: Platform dashboards across devices and product integration throughout the industry supply chain

When Xbox wanted to reach new customers, they knew they needed to target digitally savvy families. We created a motion graphic that explored the contemporary family hub and reinforced the value of Xbox’s console for children and parents.

Stylized dashboard interfaces: 6

We’ve worked with industry innovators…

Bsquare provides holistic solutions to Internet of Things systems in diverse industries. Following the results of their new study, we developed a series of infographics to present their data in a way that would let their insights shine.

Insight-advancing strategy: Consistent, straightforward visuals applied to common themes across infographics

Among the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiatives are advocating education policies, and it’s essential to communicate their goals in comprehensive ways. We produced a motion graphic to combine narrative with goal-oriented specifics that would distill important information to viewers.

Momentum-building techniques: Quick scene transitions and selective on-screen text

And innovators on a “mission.”

While construction has been around for centuries, materials continually advance — and REHAU is at the forefront of those solutions. They were looking to demonstrate the innovative combination of materials in their RAU-FIPRO windows solution, and we developed a lighthearted infographic to capture the spirit of the product while communicating its impact.

Visual variety: Superhero making a difference alongside material specifications

We’ve helped people communicate company updates…

Steelhead Productions was looking to refresh their company presentations with an updated approach. We produced a slide deck that emphasized their company personality while maintaining a consistent format for presentation cohesion.

Charismatic icons: 20

The Downtown Seattle Association’s Annual Meeting is essential for demonstrating the year’s work to members. We supported the DSA through producing a set of assets for the event itself, including a motion graphic, printed report, and presentation deck.

Member-driven impact: Photography-driven approach

To engage with philanthropists in the Greater Seattle area, the Seattle Foundation wanted to refresh how they present their work. We partnered to produce a slide deck that felt sophisticated and accessible.

Branded impact: Ample visual breathing room and limited color palette

And big news.

To announce a national competition for high school students, the National Endowment for the Arts needed something that would reach both educators and their students. We created a poster with a comic-book approach to balance communicating key details to a younger audience.

Comic frames: 8

We couldn’t do it without you.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and subject matters to help them communicate visually — and that’s made 2017 such an exciting year. With 2018 on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Abi Pollokoff

Author Abi Pollokoff

Abi Pollokoff is the Director of Content for Killer Infographics. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to Seattle in 2014 from New Orleans. With a BA in English, French, and Italian and an MFA in Poetry, she is dedicated to exploring the nuances and possibilities of language. Before joining Killer, Abi spent time as a writing instructor as well as the associate editor at a book-publishing company. These experiences bolster Abi’s work with Killer and enable her to write for diverse audiences, and she strives to apply this perspective to target the unique goals of every Killer project. Abi enjoys developing strong working relationships with clients and creating a human connection through the writing process.

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