When it comes to designing creative collateral for your content marketing strategy, whitepaper designs tend to get overlooked. In fact, it’s common for whitepapers to be text-heavy with few visuals at all. But when faced with large blocks of text, readers quickly become bored and distracted. This is all the more true today. Audiences’ attention spans are dwindling, and marketers are struggling to keep them engaged.

Quality visual communication can make your whitepaper stand out from the crowd, and help your audience retain information. Incorporating data visualization, icons, and illustrations is a simple and effective way to bring your whitepaper design to life. A creative cover page with relevant imagery invites readers in, and consistent formatting, clear section titles, and color coding helps them navigate more complex information. 

Want to get even more creative with your whitepaper marketing strategy? Creative interactive whitepaper designs can keep your audience engaged, and make it easy to include bonus info, like additional charts, that can feel unnecessary in a static report.

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