Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling uses visual communication to craft a narrative. Visual storytelling examples can be found across all visual media, including infographics, motion graphics, interactive graphics, and other marketing materials. Content employing this approach to narrative is typically meant to educate, but some marketing approaches may also aim to convince the viewer to draw a specific conclusion from the information.

Visual storytelling can also be used in internal content. Examples of visual storytelling for use within your organization include: 

      • Onboarding documents to inform new hires of your brand story and mission.
      • Annual presentations to share a narrative picture of the previous year or a look ahead.
      • Explanatory case studies using elements of visual storytelling to show successes among departments like marketing, finance, sales, and more. 

Check out the articles below to learn the principles of strong visual storytelling. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies for making visual stories a fundamental part of your marketing and human resources content.

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