Data Visualization in Industry

No matter an organization’s purpose, from healthcare to real estate, finance to government, data drives decisions. This means every company needs to visualize the data it collects in a way that reveals trends and tells a larger story. This is where designers who specialize in data visualization can help — and where online DIY tools often fall short. Data viz isn’t just about putting numbers into charts — it’s about arranging accurately visualized information into hierarchical designs that create a narrative. 

Since quality visual communication matters, it’s important to understand how data visualization is being used in a variety of industries. That way, we can gather ideas about how to use it for our own purposes. Are we trying to persuade donors? Influence executives? Educate new employees? How can we best do that? Designers who are experts in data visualization are best equipped to design visual content with your unique answers to these questions in mind. 

While there are many DIY data visualization tools available online, that means it’s harder to make your company and its visual content stand out from all the other companies using these stock templates. Read the articles below to learn how to put custom data viz to work for optimal results in your industry.

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