Visual Content in the Real World

Visual content appears in practically every type of digital and print media there is. It can refer to infographics, motion graphics, presentations, ebooks, annual reports, interactive content, data visualization, and so much more. The types of visual content available to brands are more diverse than ever, even including such emerging technologies as virtual and augmented reality.

Since opportunities for visual communication are vast, and because visuals should be a part of every marketing strategy, you can find examples everywhere. Organizations in every industry use visuals to communicate key points to both their external and internal audiences. That’s why all types of businesses can benefit from increasing their use of visual content. On this page, see just a few of the almost limitless examples of how it’s used in real-world applications.

A Motion Graphic Composer Abroad

Think about your favorite movie of all time. What does it sound like? We’re willing to bet that the soundtrack and the ambient music playing throughout the movie made a huge difference in how you felt from the opening scenes to the closing credits. That’s why it’s no surprise that original music can have a huge impact on how viewers react to a video or motion graphic. Daniel L.K. Caldwell has composed original scores for…

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Company culture spotlight: Meet the team of Killer Infographics


Behind every successful company is a talented team of individuals, each with their own unique skill set and talents. New team members shouldn’t just have great work experience and scholastic merit, they should fit within the company culture. With fewer than 30 employees, Killer Infographics is a unique collective of illustrators, writers, gamers, and most importantly, creative thinkers. Company culture especially plays an important part in the startup world. Startups everywhere are embracing innovative work…

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