Visual Campaigns

Today, any brand’s overall marketing strategy must include planning for visual content and campaigns. A visual communication campaign may adhere to organization-wide brand guidelines, or it may branch out to explore variations on this style in the form of a visual language. That way, it can align more closely with the goals of that unique campaign. 

A visual language is a set of guidelines that define overall visual strategy for a unique marketing campaign. It can include colors, fonts, illustration and icon styles, and sometimes voice and tone best practices. This campaign could be designed to promote a new product or service. It could draw attention to a special event. Or it could relate to an initiative that should be somewhat distinguishable from your overall brand. This allows you to focus on the specific goals and audience of that initiative, which may be different from your organization’s targets.

Every organization’s visual content strategy is unique — and the same holds true for individual campaigns. Explore the articles below to discover ideas and inspiration for your next visual campaign. 

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