Virtual Reality Design & Marketing

Virtual reality is a digital 360° experience often viewed on headsets, but also modified for mobile and desktop experiences. Not to be confused with augmented reality (integrating digital content with the real world, often via overlay experiences), virtual reality has taken the content marketing world by storm. But how can you incorporate virtual reality design into your visual strategy?

Whether through an immersive headset experience at a trade show, a 360° motion graphic viewing room, or other means, virtual reality marketing places your business at the forefront of emerging technologies. Of course, quality is still more important than quantity: don’t design a virtual reality experience solely for the sake of the trend. Check out what the Killer Visual Strategies team has to say about VR below.

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From the Ice Age to Instagram: Visual Storytelling Through the Ages

Visual storytelling is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the types of visual storytelling you see in everything from infographics to social media posts to paintings are more ancient than any other form of nonverbal human communication. Visual storytelling provides our most ancient insights into human culture — insights far older…
Erin McCoy
May 29, 2019
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6 Video Marketing Strategies for a Visual World

We’re surrounded by quick and easy ways to produce and share video content. The “story” features on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are used by individuals and businesses alike to share snippets of their day. In fact, stories have become an integral part of many businesses' video marketing strategies. A 2018…
Lucy Todd
March 26, 2019
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Bringing Visual Communication to Life

Visual communication can break down barriers — whether that’s breaking linguistic barriers through use of universal imagery or exploding its very definition through the use of innovative new mediums. As an industry that is constantly growing, visual communication needs to adapt at a moment’s notice. In recent years, the introduction…
Lucy Todd
March 3, 2017