Video Marketing

With about 80% of all web traffic predicted to be video views in 2020, strong online video marketing strategies are a must for your business. But just any video isn’t enough. In order to achieve maximum engagement and returns, your motion graphic or video design must be optimized for its goals, audience, and platform

To ensure your video reaches the right people, plan for the correct orientation (vertical for many apps, but horizontal still reigns on desktop!), design style (know your audience, and your brand), voiceover, length, and launch strategy. Do this well, and a boost in conversion rates may follow! For details on these online video marketing strategies for your business, explore the articles on this page.

Strategies for Marketing Your Motion Graphic

Motion graphics are exploding in popularity on the web — which means that a lot of marketers are integrating motion graphics into their online campaigns for the first time. But what are the best strategies for online marketing using motion graphics? We asked one of our regular clients, Jeffery Dempsey of Carrington College, to offer his insights based on his most recent project — a motion graphic that outlines the history of vaccines and explains…

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