Social Media Content Marketing

Looking for social media content marketing ideas and inspiration to help you promote blog posts, new products, and your business? We’re here to help! In the articles below, you’ll learn how the right visual content can boost your engagement, followers, and lead generation. You’ll discover how to design a social media post that truly speaks to your target audience. And you’ll learn what types of visual content perform best — and what types fall flat. 

The first mistake many organizations make on social media is using stock images, icons, and illustrations in their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. But today’s audiences are visually literate. They know how to spot stock images from a mile away, and they’re quick to move on to better content. 

So when you’re looking for social media post ideas for business applications, stock is the first thing to avoid. Instead, opt for custom-made visual content. From mini-infographics and micronarratives to motion graphics and animated GIFs, something made especially to communicate your message will do a better job at doing just that. 

Social media content marketing requires a careful assessment of what goals you want to achieve. You also need to know who your target audience is — and that may vary from platform to platform. The articles below will guide you through these processes, and so much more. 

Learn why and how to optimize the design of every post for each social media channel. Discover what types of content perform best for different demographics. And view creative examples of what other companies are doing to drive social engagement. Your journey to successful social media content and better marketing results starts here.

blog header for visual language showing screens with similar iconsVisual CampaignsVisual CommunicationVisual Strategy

What Is Visual Strategy, and Why Do You Need It?

With our recent name-change here at Killer Visual Strategies, you might be wondering what we mean by “visual strategy.” Put simply, it’s the thoughtful and skillful application of key visual communication tenets to solve communication challenges. For our purposes, visual strategy encompasses the creative and analytic decisions that inform any visual…
Josh Miles
August 20, 2019
Muybridge first movie art of storytellingVirtual Reality Design & MarketingVisual Storytelling

From the Ice Age to Instagram: Visual Storytelling Through the Ages

Visual storytelling is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the types of visual storytelling you see in everything from infographics to social media posts to paintings are more ancient than any other form of nonverbal human communication. Visual storytelling provides our most ancient insights into human culture — insights far older…
Erin McCoy
May 29, 2019