Science of Color & Design

Visual communication brings scientific ideas to life through design. But it’s far from easy: it requires expertise in communication design, the science of color, and the best practices of data visualization. Designers also need to understand why and how to apply unique illustration styles to a brand. In short, every choice that a visual communication designer makes must be based on strategic calculations.

Design that accurately and beautifully conveys scientific concepts can be hard to come by. But explore the articles below, and you’ll discover more about how our brains work, and how they react to color and other design elements. You’ll also see examples of visual content that successfully communicates sometimes-complex scientific topics in compelling ways. 

Not every designer is uniquely talented in visual communication, and not every designer is presented with this curriculum in their education. Choosing to work with teams that harness and embody this expertise means you achieve quality that not only appeals to the eye, but marries the science of color, data, and style to create effective visual communication.

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The Science Behind Fear

Halloween is traditionally associated with scary things: ghosts, witches, horror movies, and more. Over the years, trends in costumes have introduced a few other adjectives beyond “scary,” like funny, hokey, and scandalous — and while we love a good joke costume as much as the next company, it’s time to…
Lucy Todd
October 29, 2015
deflate gate infographicInfographicsScience of Color & Design

The Data Behind Deflategate

Click to Enlarge As a company based in Seattle (and true Seahawks fans), we'd be lying if we said that we weren't following the Patriots' Deflategate controversy closely. Just two weeks ago, this seemed to us like a random accusation that wouldn't play out in the media for too long,…
January 29, 2015