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Whether you’re rebranding your company or building your brand for the first time, there are a lot of factors to consider. Should you work with a creative brand identity design agency? Is your internal design team familiar enough with logo design and brand development best practices to do it in-house? And what will truly speak to and connect with your target audience? 

None of these questions have easy answers. When it comes to branding, your decisions should be based on data-driven customer insights and clearly defined goals. That’s because it can be hard to anticipate how your customers will react to a given color palette, illustration style, or photography treatment. 

Check out the articles below to learn more about branding, rebranding, and everything in between. Discover how your target demographic’s age determines the visual mediums they prefer to interact with. Learn the science and psychology of color. And gain practical insights so you can put that knowledge to work. 

If you have more questions about building your brand, a visual strategy agency can help. This kind of agency specializes in brand design and development that’s data-driven and insights-powered, so that each element of your brand is built with your audience and goals in mind.

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7 Questions to Ask When Developing a Visual Strategy for Your Marketing Campaign

Visual strategy encompasses the creative and analytic decisions that inform any visual expression of a brand. Developing an effective visual strategy will be essential to the success of your next content marketing campaign, because it will ensure all the visual assets that comprise that campaign remain true to your goals…
Josh Miles
September 24, 2019
Brand strategy blog headerAudience Insights & StrategyBranding, Rebranding, & Brand DevelopmentContent Marketing Strategy

How to Build an Authentic Brand Strategy that Electrifies Your Customers

There are many considerations to think about when defining a brand strategy that speaks to your target customers. This post by Nicole Brandell at Kelton shares some helpful steps and examples that will help your company build a successful, authentic brand strategy that connects and engages. Consumers today not only…
Eric Tra
September 11, 2019
Killer Visual Strategies name-changeAudience Insights & StrategyBranding, Rebranding, & Brand DevelopmentKiller Visual Strategies News & Updates

Killer Infographics Changes Its Name to Killer Visual Strategies

It’s been 9 years since Killer Infographics was founded. During that time, our team has grown from 2 founders to 29 designers, researchers, writers, project managers, animators, and developers. We’ve occupied 6 different offices to accommodate our growth, starting in a Ballard, Seattle, townhouse (if you can count that as…
Erin McCoy
June 18, 2019
Amy Balliett speaks Seattle Interactive ConferenceBranding, Rebranding, & Brand DevelopmentInteractive ContentKiller Visual Strategies News & Updates

Killer CEO to Speak at Seattle Interactive Conference

There’s no better place to celebrate the innovative spirit at the heart of the Emerald City than the Seattle Interactive Conference. Every October, SIC brings together entrepreneurs, creative types, and industry thought leaders to talk about creativity, commerce, and technology. And in 2018, for the 6th year in a row,…
Erin McCoy
October 14, 2018