Project Management

Visual communication projects require that a designer have a unique set of skills — but it doesn’t end there. There are also specific steps involved in managing strategic communication design project, not to mention in the management of project scope. When a project lacks a codified process and dedicated project manager, too much of the weight may fall on the client to move things forward. That’s not ideal. A client should certainly ask any questions they need to feel confident in a project! However, they shouldn’t have to manage the project’s progress. That’s their creative partner’s job. 

Understanding the nuances of visual communication design allows a project manager to drive the process for those projects. Once the kickoff meeting is complete, the vendor should lead the conversation. The client, meanwhile, simply provides input. All the steps of the process will be outlined, project scope will be clear and regularly communicated, and project management will be left to the vendor instead of the client. It’s a more efficient process. Plus, it ensures project success.

If you’re seeking better ways to manage projects — either as a client or as a creative vendor — explore the articles below. You’ll find strategies, ideas, and common pitfalls. Share these approaches with your team.

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