Poster, Brochure, & Print Design

Much of the hype around visual communication is digital: interactive experiences, video, and social media content are driving content marketing today. But print is still a vital component of modern communication. From a basic brochure layout to an informative poster design, print collateral is helpful for leave-behinds, conference booth and office walls, mail distribution, and so much more. 

Your goal should be to produce a piece of visual content that people want to keep — especially when you’re creating tangible objects that people can hold in their hands. That requires an attention to detail and a commitment to quality. The articles below will help you make key design choices that will make your print materials both striking and memorable.

While layout options for print collateral, such as brochures, can be more restrictive than digital applications, the opportunity to highlight your content in a memorable and tactile way is well worth it. Whether you’re producing an informative poster for a trade show booth or seeking the perfect layout for a new brochure, it’s important to choose a design that truly speaks to your audience.

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